Bienvenue en France!

Here we finally are! Still struggling with the 7h of jet lag and the 30 degrees of difference. But I have never been so happy to wake up at 4, all energized. Up for a whole yoga session with no kid jumping on my back, in total silence. Getting dressed with layers and layers of heavy wool, wearing my beloved UGG and eventually wandering in the … Continue reading Bienvenue en France!

Autumn, the year’s most heart warming smile

This week photo challenge: refraction Nothing artificial here, just the divine beauty of nature. Autumn in my hometown, Fontainebleau, has this power to make you stop thinking. You become totally grateful for the simple fact of breathing among such blessings. Continue reading Autumn, the year’s most heart warming smile

I only went out for a walk…  The cold air tickles my nose and ears. The sun is my sweetest pashmina, caressing my face and arms. My soul welcomes the forest’s unique flagrance where leaves and nuts fall onto the humid earth. I can feel my heart smiling on every breath I take. I only went out for a walk and time has stopped. The centenarian trees get the perspectives right. … Continue reading I only went out for a walk…