4 tips to guarantee a great wedding

“A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made. Choose your prison mate wisely”. Assuming you got this one right, you need a bit more to plan a great wedding: How about the bridesmaids? The venue? The master of ceremony? The guests? Qualities of the bridesmaids: inspired, passionate, motivated, grateful and open minded Whoever said planning your wedding is the best time in your life … Continue reading 4 tips to guarantee a great wedding

Why I loved visiting Hanoi with local kids

08AM. My Attilas are in school; Hubby at work. For a split second, I am experiencing that awkward moment when I am not sure if I actually have free time or if I am just forgetting everything. Just in case, I am running out of the house. With a local kid this time … The specificity of Hanoi Kids Hanoikids is a volunteer organization. You … Continue reading Why I loved visiting Hanoi with local kids

Summer School in Bantayan

It is summer break in our side of the world, so hot that the only options are to live it like a Pinoy: wandering in airconed malls or run away to the nearest beach. Lucky us, we can escape roasting Cebu (40 degrees today!) and retreat in Bantayan for another 2 weeks. Here is a glimpse of our life here, in case you want to join … Continue reading Summer School in Bantayan

A “little” pica pica

In the Philippines, pica pica means “something that stimulates your appetite, and makes you want to come back for more“. Like our French apero, but a little more .. energy dense! In the Philippines, there is no such thing as light or modernist cuisine. In the Philippines, people take their food portions very seriously. Families love to gather in restaurants, so the portions are usually big. … Continue reading A “little” pica pica

Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

After 3 years in the Philippines, I have to admit it: Blue skies and white sandy beaches don’t get me high. I am definitely a city girl, the vibes of the capital are the most creative to me. I am craving for the intellectual stimulation and this unique feeling of solitude in the multitude. Add a forest nearby and I will feel totally at home. … Continue reading Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

The most beautiful make up for a woman is passion! But, cosmetics are easier to buy” – Yves Saint Laurent And they can do the trick: No wonder so many men have trust issue .. blame it on the make up! But honestly, SAHM peeps, who hasn’t dreamed of mastering the magic tips and tricks that would make us look as if had slept 9h straight … Continue reading Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

From SAHM to CEO: How I filled the 3-year gap in my resume (without any alternative fact)!

Now that I am diving into the job search again, I need an answer to THE question every recruiter will ask me: What about the last 3 years in the Philippines? How will I ever impress a potential hiring manager? I need to come up with Something! “Something” with numbers. “Something” with action verbs and a track record of successes. “Something” measurable and highly tangible. … Continue reading From SAHM to CEO: How I filled the 3-year gap in my resume (without any alternative fact)!

It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming all the way up to our little town in the hills. On top of that ,the president cut all network signals for the last 2 days to prevent any security threat for Sinulog.. That’s what … Continue reading It’s all about perspective