In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

How I feel each time I get the email that work is yet again postponed ! We are all waiting for the Government to announce whether the schools will remain closed for a week or more. So far it’s all being manageable because the pollution was not too dramatic. I could take the kids for a bike ride 1h a day with the masks, in … Continue reading In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

Happiest New Year ! Vision Board Time !

“The most reliable way to create the future is to write it“ This is my New Year exciting ritual. I collect my favorite pictures, stickers and quotes. A rainbow of crayons are laying in front of me, with scissors, glue and pinches of glitters. Orange essential oils are slowly burning in the background and depending on the mood, I’d listen to classical music or something … Continue reading Happiest New Year ! Vision Board Time !

The Yoga theme of the week

This week is all about lenghtening and opening. Lenghtening our back, the muscles around the hips, so we can open our shoulders and our heart! I love to teach and practice those classes because they are the opposite of what we see on Instagram. We don’t look for perfection in the pose, we aim at feeling freedom. We don’t want to go into the most … Continue reading The Yoga theme of the week

4 lessons I learnt from my Teen Yoginis

This has been a year of New, of putting into practice all the things I have learnt over the last couple of years to teach teenagers. My sequences were all perfectly polished, rehearsed over and over, but not much went according to plans. Yet it’s been awesome! Guide, don’t impose Grownup yogis come for the work in and the work out, not to share their … Continue reading 4 lessons I learnt from my Teen Yoginis

Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

It’s already been a year since our little family of 4 has settled in Hanoi. Yes, we are totally melting in summer, freezing in winter and we do wear the  usual anti pollution masks far too often. But we played it like Vietnamese scooter drivers. We connected to the energy of the vibrant city and kept on moving. There is so much to explore here, … Continue reading Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

Just by looking in your rearview mirror.. Sometimes the simplest snapshot makes me pause and wonder. My rearview is stuffed with tangled wires and like a Vietnamese on a scooter, I’d rather drive on the sideways than stopping for a split second. Restlessness is in my blood, I need to figure everything out asap, so I know where I am going next. As if being … Continue reading You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

Au revoir la France! And Merci for our beautiful wedding. For the endless tears well in my eyes with the stirring of overwhelming love! My family are my roots, I am so found of them all, would we be connected by blood or heart. And they were all here, to start with my bunch of crazy siblings I love more than they ll ever know. … Continue reading Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

On the move again, guess where ..

The suspense is finally over! We know where we’ll unpack our luggages .. Europe ?.. I was totally into moving back to the old continent, first of all to be closer to the family. Second to dwell into the seasons I’ve been missing so much for the last decade. And eventually because I am craving for French food. My body can not deal with an additional … Continue reading On the move again, guess where ..