Wiesel’s legacy in 2 words: DOUBT and RESPECT

In Yiddish, “Mensch” litteraly means man. But as my grand mother used to say ” all Mensch are men, but not all men are Mensch “. Because a Mensch (with a Capital Letter) means more: it qualifies a person of integrity and honour, someone of noble character, to emulate and admire. Someone who does good, who always strives to be a better person without expectation of return. … Continue reading Wiesel’s legacy in 2 words: DOUBT and RESPECT

Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Jewish by their Mum, Protestant by their Dad, born in Buddhist countries and raised in a very Catholic one. Meet my children! We are not a religious family (how could we ?) but we love traditions and the spiritual values of religions. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I take the lead till Christmas. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of faith and courage over militaries, … Continue reading Merry Chrismukkah !!!

My problem with the Filipino teaching

My kids are Jewish by their Mum and Protestant by their Dad. Mr Attila was born in a Buddhist country and his sister in a totally secular one. We worked in Muslim and Hindu places and we are currently living on a Catholic island. How could we possibly educate our children in a single religion? if there is one thing I learnt from all those years working in … Continue reading My problem with the Filipino teaching

Must watch: “Not in My Name”

This blog does not do politics nor anything that would be conflict related. I spent enough years working in war affected countries to know better than judging partisans to a cause or any religious people. In addition, I am Jewish. So I know what it takes to be judged on your religion. How many times did I hear ” You Jewish people are killing Palestinians”, … Continue reading Must watch: “Not in My Name”