Every Yogi is graceful

The “mantra” I keep on repeating to my students: Be interested in How you go. Not How Far you go . So you can naturally connect your breath, your body and your mind. This Weekly Photo Challenge actually prompted my intention for this week yoga practice: To hold to a standard of grace, and forget about perfection. Namaste everyone 🙏🏻 (In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Graceful) Continue reading Every Yogi is graceful

Let’s set our intention for the week!

I always start my yoga classes by setting an intention for my practice. To make it simple, an intention is is a guiding principle for how you want to live, and a way to bring heart and mind into alignment. Some times I chose mindfulness, especially on Friday when the kids have used all my stock of patience. I would start my practice with this quality … Continue reading Let’s set our intention for the week!

Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic

Roads were made for journeys. Not for destination – Confucius   What do you see on this picture? Either you focus on the stairs .. or on the journey and Mother Nature’s beautiful treats. My kids have forced me to always practice a panoramic vision. The moment they see a stair, they start complaining and obviously fighting for my arms. That was cute when they were babies, but … Continue reading Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic

The path to a serene journey

Cebu can be very loud, crowded and hot. But it can also be green, calm and incredibly inspiring. Up in the Balamban Mountains, all you breath is fresh air, silence and serenity. West 35 is an eco mountain resort to visit to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Mountains and the seaside of Tsuneishi; and warm up your cold fingers with a green tea… Continue reading The path to a serene journey