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New Year Resolutions revisited

Yang and Yin I love resolutions! It’s all about planning, achieving, sweating to finally become the best version of ourselves. It’s firmness, determination, action. We are reaching out of our comfort zone and it feels great (especially if we manage to achieve one!) It’s all Yang energy: it’s active, invigorating and exciting. Yet, we can’t always be Yang. Life itself is a balance between action … Continue reading New Year Resolutions revisited

Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

After 3 years in the Philippines, I have to admit it: Blue skies and white sandy beaches don’t get me high. I am definitely a city girl, the vibes of the capital are the most creative to me. I am craving for the intellectual stimulation and this unique feeling of solitude in the multitude. Add a forest nearby and I will feel totally at home. … Continue reading Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

The most beautiful make up for a woman is passion! But, cosmetics are easier to buy” – Yves Saint Laurent And they can do the trick: No wonder so many men have trust issue .. blame it on the make up! But honestly, SAHM peeps, who hasn’t dreamed of mastering the magic tips and tricks that would make us look as if had slept 9h straight … Continue reading Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

“Cebu” like Santo Niño, dried mangoes and .. French jewelry!

Are you one of those wet blanket who can’t appreciate a nice piece of jewelry without wondering “who made it and under which conditions?”  Especially when the beautiful bracelet has traveled all the way from a developing country? I am!I can’t help it. My obsession with responsible business has worsened since I became a Mum. From food to clothes, even earrings, I need to know how it … Continue reading “Cebu” like Santo Niño, dried mangoes and .. French jewelry!

Every Yogi is graceful

The “mantra” I keep on repeating to my students: Be interested in How you go. Not How Far you go . So you can naturally connect your breath, your body and your mind. This Weekly Photo Challenge actually prompted my intention for this week yoga practice: To hold to a standard of grace, and forget about perfection. Namaste everyone 🙏🏻 (In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Graceful) Continue reading Every Yogi is graceful

Sisterhood pride

I so wish I were in a big town yesterday, in Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Paris, Barcelona, London or Berlin, marching with all those beautiful people! Standing peacefully yet so strongly for our values and our basic rights. There was no such thing as colour, race, religion .. It was about gathering strong in the name of tolerance and respect. I have been scrolling Twitter for hours, feeling stronger and more … Continue reading Sisterhood pride

Have yourself a Merry Greedy Xmas! (4 ways to celebrate with less money but more ❤️)

1 week to go! before you drain all your energy and your money in the yearly shopping craziness, pause for a second .. Do we really need more material stuff to make us happy? Can we do something a bit different this year, that would not only please us but also the planet? Here are 4 ideas ..Not only to do good, but to also feel good … Continue reading Have yourself a Merry Greedy Xmas! (4 ways to celebrate with less money but more ❤️)

It’s not This Time of Year without ..

in·dulge inˈdəlj/ verb gerund or present participle: indulging  allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of :’we indulged in some hot fudge sundaes” Synonyms: wallow in, give oneself up to, give way to, yield to, abandon oneself to, give free rein to; There is a time for everything and this is Desserts and Chocolates season. The only time of the year when indulging is almost compulsory. Plus … Continue reading It’s not This Time of Year without ..