Forget about Plans!

Sometimes all we need is to breath. Trust. Let go and see what happens.   Planners of the world, I admire you. I am so bad at planning. I love setting directions though, direct the sail along the way. That’s how I feel the more creative, the more in tune with myself, my intuition. It forces me to open my eyes and my heart to … Continue reading Forget about Plans!

Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Jewish by their Mum, Protestant by their Dad, born in Buddhist countries and raised in a very Catholic one. Meet my children! We are not a religious family (how could we ?) but we love traditions and the spiritual values of religions. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I take the lead till Christmas. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of faith and courage over militaries, … Continue reading Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Reblog Wednesday: Lo, The Sun Walks North

Originally posted on dunelight:
Lo, The Sun Walks North “Over the back of the Florida basker, over the froth of the Firth of Forth, Up from Tahiti and Madagascar, Lo, the sun walks north.” These brilliant lines are from a marvelous poem called Greeting to Spring (Not Without Trepidation) by Robert Lax Read the whole thing and buy it here: The sun is marching… Continue reading Reblog Wednesday: Lo, The Sun Walks North

The world belongs to those who get up early

I am not much an early bird. To be honest, I tend to like my bed more than I like most people. Except when I am at the beach. Then I love waking up with the sun to take massive stocks of Vitamin Sea. We are blessed to live by the most beautiful beaches of the world (Make sure you add The Philippines to your bucket list, you’ll thank … Continue reading The world belongs to those who get up early