Mundane Monday: The only way is up

I was wondering if my projects were on the right path when my eyes met this special ladder. As I leaned closer, I could hear it whispering  ” keep on working with intention and attention. the only way is up“. In response to Mundane Monday Challenge, a very inspiring way to start the week by exercising our eyes to become more mindful. Wishing you all … Continue reading Mundane Monday: The only way is up

This strong desire to travel and explore

Behind me is infinite power Before me is endless possibility Around me is boundless opportunity Graduation is over, we are finally out of the husle and bustle of dusty Cebu ! Last month in the Philippines before we move to new adventures .. Among the places we ve visited and loved most, BAntayan stands number 1. Here is a little preview of the album I am cooking … Continue reading This strong desire to travel and explore

Reblog Wed: On valuing our children in the classroom too

Originally posted on Motherhood Made Me Do It:
My son came home today with a giant piece of paper with his name written in the middle, surrounded by several incredibly kind words and phrases that his friends had used to describe him. He was beaming with pride when he showed me. It was, by far, his proudest moment in school to date. To be recognized… Continue reading Reblog Wed: On valuing our children in the classroom too

My best Valentine present (parenting version)

“Valentine’s Day” is very loud in the Philippines: It’s all about red and pink hearts, mountains of chocolates on display even at the Pharmacy, and if you thought that the karaoke already played the cheesiest songs of the planet … Wait for Feb 14th! Yet I love Valentine’s Day! I actually take any chance to express my gratitude to the people I love most. I … Continue reading My best Valentine present (parenting version)

Especially for you!

2017, we are ready! Our jeepney is all set for new exciting adventures, and we have enough seats for you all. The program includes traveling at least on 2 continents by air, sea and road, learning new skills, choosing healthy food, activities and people and always remember that LoVE is a verb. So we’ll top it all with countless laughs and big warm hugs. Looking forward … Continue reading Especially for you!

Letter to my American friends

I am writing this post today because I feel your pain so much . For some reasons the results of your elections drove me back to the Paris terrorist attacks. The shock was so brutal, so totally unexpected. I was so devastated and spent endless hours crying, asking myself the unanswerable question “why?!” “why would people do that?!”, “what are those damned people made of?“.  I was … Continue reading Letter to my American friends

The most important reminder

In Yoga, we usually close the class with our hands in prier touching our heart and saying “may we feel love and compassion first towards ourselves and then towards all the other beings“. Selfish? No, simple common sense. One can not pour from an empty cup! So let’s celebrate ourselves, and repeat this mantra. Just because it is true. Even if one line is missing … Continue reading The most important reminder

My Japanese antidote to Nostalgia

Natshukashii – (adj): a warm, sudden feeling of sentimentality in which small things bring back some old, euphoric memories when one remembers the goodness and the fondness of that time. I can’t deal with nostalgia the way we French do ‘the falling leaves … drift by the window …“. It depresses me to realise how times flies, even though I am at this delusional age … Continue reading My Japanese antidote to Nostalgia