(inner) Calm : meditation for toddlers

  A little note of gratitude to my precious daughter who, because of me, went to school with the wrong uniform today (again); She is soooo patient and sweet that she pretended it was really no big deal. Namaste, little Zen Master Resident ❤ (In response to “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – “Calm”)   Continue reading (inner) Calm : meditation for toddlers

Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic

Roads were made for journeys. Not for destination – Confucius   What do you see on this picture? Either you focus on the stairs .. or on the journey and Mother Nature’s beautiful treats. My kids have forced me to always practice a panoramic vision. The moment they see a stair, they start complaining and obviously fighting for my arms. That was cute when they were babies, but … Continue reading Shortest and most efficient relaxation technic

Mindfulness made simple

Cruising in the bluest seas of the Philippines in the early hours of the morning is a tribute to calm, peace and mindfulness.  One of those precious times that naturally takes all your awareness on the present moment and makes your heart smile. As you think to yourself.. What a wonderful world… In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge on Monochromatic Continue reading Mindfulness made simple

Restorative Yoga or how to turn your yoga mat into the most comfy bed !

A yoga teacher once told me « it’s when you need yoga the most that you’ll find all the excuses for not practicing ». Well, I had been busy cleaning my desk, ordering tons of pictures, looking for new recipes… This morning though, yoga bet Pinterest at coin flipping! Glad it did ! Carlo introduced us to Restorative Yoga, a practice totally new to me. I am used … Continue reading Restorative Yoga or how to turn your yoga mat into the most comfy bed !