Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

Au revoir la France! And Merci for our beautiful wedding. For the endless tears well in my eyes with the stirring of overwhelming love! My family are my roots, I am so found of them all, would we be connected by blood or heart. And they were all here, to start with my bunch of crazy siblings I love more than they ll ever know. … Continue reading Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

So long, my friend!

Today is the last day of my sabbatical. Today, if all had gone according to plan, I would have accepted another mission and would get ready for the field again. Would have sent the passports of the family to the HQ in Geneva and started feeling this so familiar mix of anticipation and excitement. I have always loved my job as a Communication Officer, and it always surprised me (I can say it now) … Continue reading So long, my friend!