My Japanese antidote to Nostalgia

Natshukashii – (adj): a warm, sudden feeling of sentimentality in which small things bring back some old, euphoric memories when one remembers the goodness and the fondness of that time. I can’t deal with nostalgia the way we French do ‘the falling leaves … drift by the window …“. It depresses me to realise how times flies, even though I am at this delusional age … Continue reading My Japanese antidote to Nostalgia

Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

Do you remember those pre internet times? When we actually wrote with proper pens and those kind of typewriters were not SO vintage? At the time of its launching in the early 30s, the ads read that this machine “creates a desirable atmosphere of modern-ness which is stimulating to employee and attractive to customer. Then too, exterior appearance is very often an index of built-in quality“. … Continue reading Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

Digging into the treasure chest of the goo’ol’times

Today’s prompt: Salad Days I had motherhood all figured out. Then I had children. Since then, it has all been learning about strengths I did not know I had and fears I did not know existed. « you’ll understand when you’ll have children on your own » would be my Mum’s ultimate answers to my constant « why ». Why do you always need to know with who I … Continue reading Digging into the treasure chest of the goo’ol’times