Gentle reminder ❤️

Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective 💜 From today midnight, Hanoi will be locked down for at least 2 weeks. We too will be staying home “for the love of the Nation“. We are allowed to get out  but only with 1 person. Social distancing is 2 meters. The poster says we need to “report coughing to the health authorities. Report fake … Continue reading Gentle reminder ❤️

You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

Just by looking in your rearview mirror.. Sometimes the simplest snapshot makes me pause and wonder. My rearview is stuffed with tangled wires and like a Vietnamese on a scooter, I’d rather drive on the sideways than stopping for a split second. Restlessness is in my blood, I need to figure everything out asap, so I know where I am going next. As if being … Continue reading You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming all the way up to our little town in the hills. On top of that ,the president cut all network signals for the last 2 days to prevent any security threat for Sinulog.. That’s what … Continue reading It’s all about perspective

Look Up, Breath, Relax and Let Go!

Do you recognise this walking man ? The “autopilot mode” walk, the stiff neck and the pain in the shoulders from all those hours on his laptop and anxiously checking his messages on his phone?.. If you could zoom in, you would probably see a deep frown line between his eyes. Sounds familiar? Look at the paintings of Gainsbourg and Dylan. Don’t you feel they are staring … Continue reading Look Up, Breath, Relax and Let Go!

Mundane Monday : (most original!) Flower pots

“Can’t plant now, I need to buy pots” is not a valid excuse anymore! Take a walk on Bantayan Island … Or look up in Paris 😉 In response to Mundane Monday Photo Challenge hosted by the great Jithin, created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs 🙂 Happy Week … Continue reading Mundane Monday : (most original!) Flower pots

Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

.. Or come shine, Paris is always a good idea! Holidays are over, we landed in Cebu last Friday. I am going through our pictures, and as the temperature here reaches 92F, I recall how Paris welcomed us, full spring swing, with its famous April showers (we actually call them March ones). I love the rain – with a bit of sun . Because you know it won’t … Continue reading Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

(kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

When in doubt, Buddhism encourages us to question our perspective on our current situation. Can we shift it or enlarge it?are there any positive angles? We should practise bringing our attention to our breath through our day as a way to focus on the present moment. That’s what I should be doing. But I am still far too restless to stay really still for more than … Continue reading (kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

A question of perspective

Every single beach house in Bantayan wears the same sharp bikini. ” Try me, come closer and I ll rip you to the bones“bark the walls. Another light, another angle. The sun rays guided my lens and I came closer. The cutting edges had turned into sculptures. The weapon had became a protective vase. It’s probably true that we don’t see things as they are. We see things as we … Continue reading A question of perspective

Here is to beat the Monday Blues

Best way to start the week: learning while having fun ! In other words, join Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. The topic of the week is Number 1 (or 1 item). I combined it with the topic of last week, Perspective (Unusual angle or point of view). The rainy season is looming, the beach is finally totally deserted… How about a Coconut or a Mango juice to start … Continue reading Here is to beat the Monday Blues