Covert Art: always look up ! Prologue of the book: Wandering in the Swiss forest. Maëlle was busy playing hide and seek with her Dad and her irresistible giggle was so contagious! Her little brother was kicking in my belly, eager to join the fun. Bliss! I found myself mesmerized by this incredible feeling of being a mother. I had never expected to love my someone so deeply and so profoundly, unconditionally, with … Continue reading Covert Art: always look up !

Dreamy Croissants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy It has been 13 months since I last visited France. Asia has lots of delicious dishes, but there is only so much rice a French can endure. I have been fantasizing about croissants et pains au chocolat for weeks and weeks, and my wildest dreams eventually came true when we visited the Seorae Village in Seoul last week, where half of the French … Continue reading Dreamy Croissants

Sign of pure Love Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my daughter’s eyes and I realize I have already created one Happy Birthday ma Princesse ! Thanks for all the precious moments, the big laughs and even the invading grey hairs you are giving me each and every single day. According to your grand ma’, you and I are just the same, and true to … Continue reading Sign of pure Love

Growing up ? yes ! Getting old ? no thanks! What does it require to be a grownup ? a few wrinkles ? a couple of (awesome!) kids and a (pretty cool!) husband ? more responsibilities and less fun ? becoming a real planner, a control freak and being constantly tired? My initial idea of becoming « old » was a boring one. Being an adult was mostly being exhausted, wishing you hadn’t made plans and wondering how you hurt … Continue reading Growing up ? yes ! Getting old ? no thanks!