Monday Window Challenge : Shopping in Paris!

Among the things that make me home sick, window shopping in Paris comes in my top 5. Especially at this time of year .. Wouldn’t it be nice if retail therapy was covered by health insurance ? In response to Cee Neuner ‘s Photo Challenge on Windows Continue reading Monday Window Challenge : Shopping in Paris!

Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Jewish by their Mum, Protestant by their Dad, born in Buddhist countries and raised in a very Catholic one. Meet my children! We are not a religious family (how could we ?) but we love traditions and the spiritual values of religions. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I take the lead till Christmas. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of faith and courage over militaries, … Continue reading Merry Chrismukkah !!!

The French word of the day: “Parisienne”

As you’ve been great students for the last couple of weeks, we can introduce an expression. ” (un) je ne sais quoi” refers to something that can not be described or named easily. Something like a personal touch. The famous French touch, for instance 😉 To me, Paris has this “je ne sais quoi” that pays a tribute to The Woman, or more specifically the Parisian … Continue reading The French word of the day: “Parisienne”