Live by the SunS

One of the things I love most about being a Stay at home Mum? My toddlers’ telling me stories made of Princesses, dragons and huge animals with magic powers (yep, I have a girl and a boy).  I love secretly observing them playing “let’s pretend” and creating their own little world and I feel blessed they let me in. I am supposed to be the one teaching them … Continue reading Live by the SunS

Tigers are (my) girl’s best friends

Ms Attila proudly introduces her best friend, Tiger. So far, diamonds mean nothing to her. Her Tiger is so much more precious! (Carpe Diem 😛 ) My Princess, I want you to know for sure that if you want the moon, let alone a diamond, you are smart and capable enough to get it by yourself (yes, Tiger can give you a leg up!) Believe in yourself Ms … Continue reading Tigers are (my) girl’s best friends