Muses, the goddesses of my inspiration

This week photo challenge is to illustrate “Muse”, the subject(s) that keep me coming back… My muses are the colors of life, its warm smiles, the love signs I read along the way, like this smile from heaven … I feel inspired to feel we are (too slowly but hopefully surely) setting our society free of persecution and oppression of others. Like this week end, when … Continue reading Muses, the goddesses of my inspiration

Roy G. BIV loves candies !

To make sure you all have a sweet week … help yourself! You can also pick some from this post on the French Bonbons. My favorite are the ones on the top right, with honey. Not too sweet, just perfect for a daily use. Under exceptional circumstances, I can’t resist the call of the Haribo “Fraises Tagada” – strawberry flavored gums.. (Exceptional meaning I am in Europe … Continue reading Roy G. BIV loves candies !

Covert Art: always look up ! Prologue of the book: Wandering in the Swiss forest. Maëlle was busy playing hide and seek with her Dad and her irresistible giggle was so contagious! Her little brother was kicking in my belly, eager to join the fun. Bliss! I found myself mesmerized by this incredible feeling of being a mother. I had never expected to love my someone so deeply and so profoundly, unconditionally, with … Continue reading Covert Art: always look up !