It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming all the way up to our little town in the hills. On top of that ,the president cut all network signals for the last 2 days to prevent any security threat for Sinulog.. That’s what … Continue reading It’s all about perspective

Mundane Monday Challenge: rainy day

Our rainy days are absolutely Ipad free and we don’t have TV. But we have a big box full of crayons, many stories of courageous princes and beautiful princesses and we love cooking. Last week end, the fragrances of the cookies were floating in the living room.. The kids were busy colouring and as I was pouring their milk, I literally felt my heart smile. I am so blessed not to … Continue reading Mundane Monday Challenge: rainy day