Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year

Christmas overload! In the Philippines, we have been enduring for Santa for the last 6 months, everlasting Christmas carols played to the loudest possible volume  everywhere – karaoke, taxis, malls, sari sari .. I took the kids to dozens of Christmas shows rehearsals and I know by heart all their songs! I had to buy the Santa clothes, the Santa’s hats. The old man is a rock star … Continue reading Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year

Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Jewish by their Mum, Protestant by their Dad, born in Buddhist countries and raised in a very Catholic one. Meet my children! We are not a religious family (how could we ?) but we love traditions and the spiritual values of religions. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I take the lead till Christmas. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of faith and courage over militaries, … Continue reading Merry Chrismukkah !!!

Sweet (big and first!) lie: Santa Claus is coming!

We always tell our kids that lying is bad, and that they should always tell us the truth, nothing but the truth. But as soon as they can understand their surroundings, we make them believe in Santa.. I must be pretty good at telling Santa’s stories, only reason why they could stand still a few minutes for a Xmas photo shoot. “Father Christmas is watching kiddos, so … Continue reading Sweet (big and first!) lie: Santa Claus is coming!

Santa, I love your present! Dear Santa Thank you so much for the early Christmas present. The notice says that The Robot could clean the house in 10 minutes, and this is no lie : in exactly 9.59 mn, our whole place was immaculate. Not only clean, but so nicely tied up. We have been looking frantically for a forgotten dust for more than 2h, in vain. The robot is perfectly … Continue reading Santa, I love your present!