Here is to beat the Monday Blues

Best way to start the week: learning while having fun ! In other words, join Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. The topic of the week is Number 1 (or 1 item). I combined it with the topic of last week, Perspective (Unusual angle or point of view). The rainy season is looming, the beach is finally totally deserted… How about a Coconut or a Mango juice to start … Continue reading Here is to beat the Monday Blues

Carpe Diem !

I decided to postpone my job search for a little while. I still have a To Do List though and I make sure I always do something every day – preferably something I am great at: Sending you all the warmest rays of sunshine all the way from Bantayan! Have a Grande Week 🙂 Continue reading Carpe Diem !

Here comes the Sun…

The Attilas and their parents are having a blast in Bantayan, another Filipino jewel in the Pacific ocean.. I am cooking a couple of (hopefully) nice posts just for you, that I l’ll publish in the upcoming days. Internet is pretty low here, to say the least. Not that I am complaining… it is a great experience to actually talk to people in 4D ! So in … Continue reading Here comes the Sun…

The path to a serene journey

Cebu can be very loud, crowded and hot. But it can also be green, calm and incredibly inspiring. Up in the Balamban Mountains, all you breath is fresh air, silence and serenity. West 35 is an eco mountain resort to visit to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Mountains and the seaside of Tsuneishi; and warm up your cold fingers with a green tea… Continue reading The path to a serene journey