From Hoi An

With love, smiles and this incredible blue sky we’ve been longing for so long in Hanoï. A few days far from the pollution, with the French family visiting all the way from Paris. We are in the exact same mood as the models in the postcards ! Wishing you all a bright day ❤️ Continue reading From Hoi An

Mindful Monday: How to look beautiful

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beans and you will always look lovely – R. Dahl Works the same for grown ups of every age .. Happy Week to you all! (In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge Seasons) Continue reading Mindful Monday: How to look beautiful

Optimistic: calories don’t count

On weekends ! Or when you eat your favorite treats with your eyes closed / if you eat off someone’s plate/  if you are in a party / if you are standing up. Someone I totally trust also assures that calories are totally harmless if you are wearing your favorite colour. Cheers to a super sweet week ! In response to Weekly Photo Challenge Optimistic   Continue reading Optimistic: calories don’t count

Muses, the goddesses of my inspiration

This week photo challenge is to illustrate “Muse”, the subject(s) that keep me coming back… My muses are the colors of life, its warm smiles, the love signs I read along the way, like this smile from heaven … I feel inspired to feel we are (too slowly but hopefully surely) setting our society free of persecution and oppression of others. Like this week end, when … Continue reading Muses, the goddesses of my inspiration


Imagine that English is your second language. Your grammar and syntax are not good, but you at least you give yourself some time to view, review and triple check your posts before imposing them to your friends. And one day, out of the blue, one of your top favorite blogger challenges you to a  “Free Writing Challenge”. The instructions are terrible: writing for 10min, non stop and, as … Continue reading Dreaming

Invitation for a Chat on the beach ! (and no need to tell me your life story)

Since I popped up in the blogosphere, I have virtually met truly amazing people. I feel close to a bunch of them – although I would not even recognize them if we were sitting besides each other and were the only clients of the café. There is this brilliant and generous Brazilian woman living in the Neederlands. An Aussie writer expatriated in Thailand, an Indian … Continue reading Invitation for a Chat on the beach ! (and no need to tell me your life story)