Yoginspiration : rolling

Flavor of the week: exploration … let’s open our heart, bend, and find a graceful balance on and off the mat 🙏🏻 I love playing around with my Yoga wheel. It is such a great props, and it makes my wholw body smile. My favorite is number 19, what a great heart opener to start the week. Number 4 is a close second. When I … Continue reading Yoginspiration : rolling

Optimistic: calories don’t count

On weekends ! Or when you eat your favorite treats with your eyes closed / if you eat off someone’s plate/  if you are in a party / if you are standing up. Someone I totally trust also assures that calories are totally harmless if you are wearing your favorite colour. Cheers to a super sweet week ! In response to Weekly Photo Challenge Optimistic   Continue reading Optimistic: calories don’t count

Roy G. BIV loves candies !

To make sure you all have a sweet week … help yourself! You can also pick some from this post on the French Bonbons. My favorite are the ones on the top right, with honey. Not too sweet, just perfect for a daily use. Under exceptional circumstances, I can’t resist the call of the Haribo “Fraises Tagada” – strawberry flavored gums.. (Exceptional meaning I am in Europe … Continue reading Roy G. BIV loves candies !

Sweet (big and first!) lie: Santa Claus is coming!

We always tell our kids that lying is bad, and that they should always tell us the truth, nothing but the truth. But as soon as they can understand their surroundings, we make them believe in Santa.. I must be pretty good at telling Santa’s stories, only reason why they could stand still a few minutes for a Xmas photo shoot. “Father Christmas is watching kiddos, so … Continue reading Sweet (big and first!) lie: Santa Claus is coming!