Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

After 3 years in the Philippines, I have to admit it: Blue skies and white sandy beaches don’t get me high. I am definitely a city girl, the vibes of the capital are the most creative to me. I am craving for the intellectual stimulation and this unique feeling of solitude in the multitude. Add a forest nearby and I will feel totally at home. … Continue reading Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

Gone but Not Forgotten

Weekly photo challenge: Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten Long gone, the privilege of sleeping late all those lazy Sundays.. Crawling under a big blanket and reading a fascinating book, while sipping my perfect Genmaicha… Falling asleep again, waking up only to plunge deeper into the story. Long gone those mornings, but not (yet )forgotten, as I now have a sleeping disorder: it’s called … Continue reading Gone but Not Forgotten