Mindfulness made simple

Cruising in the bluest seas of the Philippines in the early hours of the morning is a tribute to calm, peace and mindfulness.  One of those precious times that naturally takes all your awareness on the present moment and makes your heart smile. As you think to yourself.. What a wonderful world… In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge on Monochromatic Continue reading Mindfulness made simple

Good morning Sunshine!

[kuh–nek-tid]  adjective 1. united, joined, or linked. 2. having a connection. 3. joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas. 4. related by family ties. 5. having social or professional relationships, especially with influential or powerful persons. 6. Mathematics. pertaining to a set for which no cover exists, consisting of two open sets whose intersections with the given set are disjoint and nonempty. Continue reading Good morning Sunshine!

Soften the edges, boost the colors here and there

Today’s prompt woke  my magic brushes up: I had the power to go back in time to an event I think could have played out differently for me. Time to let alternate history have its moment.. I recalled this road accident. What if I had decided not to take this night bus? what if I had stayed in Brazil a few more days instead of rushing it to Argentina? I would still … Continue reading Soften the edges, boost the colors here and there

Photo101: treasures and close up

Close up on my treasures, Mr and Ms Attila: When you travel to Asia with toddlers, you feel like you are escorting rock stars: anywhere you go, your kids are greeted with “ohhh!!! so cute!!!” “ohhhh, hello handsome, how old are you?”. “ohhh, beautiful long lashes, ohhh skin so white!” All camera flashes on them, every teenager wants their selfie with them. My daughter does not care much … Continue reading Photo101: treasures and close up


Big thanks to Kate of the yummiest Food Blog for the Love/Hate tag! The rules are simple enough: share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same. I love the idea of brainstorming on 10 things I love.. Did you notice that when you are thinking of something positive, that makes you smile, you re instantaneously in … Continue reading LOVE/haTe

Happy Bday Maman (and thanks for aging so much more gracefully than Madonna!)

I am so proud of my Mum that I ‘ll embarrass her with a few pic to show you were we got our hot looks, our sense of humor and (some of) craziness from… Even if I didn’t have you as my Mother, I would choose you as my friend. I am so blessed to have you, ma poulette! So are my kids who have … Continue reading Happy Bday Maman (and thanks for aging so much more gracefully than Madonna!)