To my kids’ teachers on this special day

Today was the most awaited ceremony of the year in my children school: the Principal Awards ceremony. This special event usually gathers hundreds of well dressed students, parents, teachers, grand parents, brothers and sisters. But this year the Principal was alone. No crowd to cheer up, no loud clasps to congratulate each awarded student. The ceremony was live on YouTube. Yet it was fantastic, the … Continue reading To my kids’ teachers on this special day

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NO to Social Distancing !

Social distancing: maintaining a greater than usual distance from other people. I can’t stand this concept of “social distancing”. It makes me feel even more isolated from the rest of my community. Can we please only refer to Physical distancing instead? That’s the only kind of isolation we all need to respect in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Far from the eyes but more … Continue reading NO to Social Distancing !

Letter to my American friends

I am writing this post today because I feel your pain so much . For some reasons the results of your elections drove me back to the Paris terrorist attacks. The shock was so brutal, so totally unexpected. I was so devastated and spent endless hours crying, asking myself the unanswerable question “why?!” “why would people do that?!”, “what are those damned people made of?“.  I was … Continue reading Letter to my American friends

Photo101: Swarm (literally!)

I took the kids to visit a beekeeper last week, in Cebu. As usual, I was the most fascinated of all after only a couple of minutes. Had no idea of how highly organized the bees are:  several thousand worker bees cooperate in nest building, food collection, and brood rearing. Each member has a definite task to perform, related to its adult age. But surviving and reproducing … Continue reading Photo101: Swarm (literally!)