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Feeling Helpless? help someome!

This is the first time and hopefully the last that a war is raging at our borders. I have first turned into a news junky, reading everything and being stucked the Ukraine feed. It didnt help with the stress and the sadness I have felt in being a useless bystander; So I decided to compartimentalize, to select the news I would read and dedicate only … Continue reading Feeling Helpless? help someome!

Burning Man in LOVE

Ukrainian Sculptor Alexandr Milov has deeply touched my heart with the giant masterpieces he exposed at “Burning Man”. He calls them “Love” : the two wired framed sculptures are turning their back to each other yet their inner child is trying to reach out, to touch, to hug. Milov explains that they “ demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer … Continue reading Burning Man in LOVE