From Hoi An

With love, smiles and this incredible blue sky we’ve been longing for so long in Hanoï. A few days far from the pollution, with the French family visiting all the way from Paris. We are in the exact same mood as the models in the postcards ! Wishing you all a bright day ❤️ Continue reading From Hoi An

Summer School in Bantayan

It is summer break in our side of the world, so hot that the only options are to live it like a Pinoy: wandering in airconed malls or run away to the nearest beach. Lucky us, we can escape roasting Cebu (40 degrees today!) and retreat in Bantayan for another 2 weeks. Here is a glimpse of our life here, in case you want to join … Continue reading Summer School in Bantayan

The harsh reality of my job on Bantayan island

“And you M’am, what’s your profession?” is probably the question I have been asked more than a billion times. “CEO of the Attila Cie, but you can also call me a Super Mama!” Have you ever had a job where you had no previous experience, no training, you couldn’t quit and people’s live were at stake? I am also a Super yaya,  HR manager of a very … Continue reading The harsh reality of my job on Bantayan island

Unplugged in France and Switzerland

  We are traveling, hugging, kissing, eating, drinking, laughing,dancing,joking, exploring, discovering, sleeping, listening, admiring, contemplating, announcing, planning and sipping more champagne and espresso … Until we come back from our annual familial vacations in France and Switzerland, you won’t read much from me. In our “modern” world of instant gratifications and quick fixes, I have decided to play it like a rebel : I won’t update my blog before … Continue reading Unplugged in France and Switzerland