Sisterhood pride

I so wish I were in a big town yesterday, in Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Paris, Barcelona, London or Berlin, marching with all those beautiful people! Standing peacefully yet so strongly for our values and our basic rights. There was no such thing as colour, race, religion .. It was about gathering strong in the name of tolerance and respect. I have been scrolling Twitter for hours, feeling stronger and more … Continue reading Sisterhood pride

Wiesel’s legacy in 2 words: DOUBT and RESPECT

In Yiddish, “Mensch” litteraly means man. But as my grand mother used to say ” all Mensch are men, but not all men are Mensch “. Because a Mensch (with a Capital Letter) means more: it qualifies a person of integrity and honour, someone of noble character, to emulate and admire. Someone who does good, who always strives to be a better person without expectation of return. … Continue reading Wiesel’s legacy in 2 words: DOUBT and RESPECT

My problem with the Filipino teaching

My kids are Jewish by their Mum and Protestant by their Dad. Mr Attila was born in a Buddhist country and his sister in a totally secular one. We worked in Muslim and Hindu places and we are currently living on a Catholic island. How could we possibly educate our children in a single religion? if there is one thing I learnt from all those years working in … Continue reading My problem with the Filipino teaching