Gentle reminder ❤️

Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective 💜 From today midnight, Hanoi will be locked down for at least 2 weeks. We too will be staying home “for the love of the Nation“. We are allowed to get out  but only with 1 person. Social distancing is 2 meters. The poster says we need to “report coughing to the health authorities. Report fake … Continue reading Gentle reminder ❤️

You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

Just by looking in your rearview mirror.. Sometimes the simplest snapshot makes me pause and wonder. My rearview is stuffed with tangled wires and like a Vietnamese on a scooter, I’d rather drive on the sideways than stopping for a split second. Restlessness is in my blood, I need to figure everything out asap, so I know where I am going next. As if being … Continue reading You know you’re in Hanoi (and you need to untangle)

You know it is THAT hot

When the layers are adding and adding .. You’ll easily distinguish the tourist, usually half naked, while locals as usual know better when it comes to protect their skins from the sun – we are in Asia: white is the only beautiful skin colour! Add gloves, long socks, helmet (or should I say plastic bucket) and the must have anti pollution mask. I can’t help … Continue reading You know it is THAT hot