4 tips to guarantee a great wedding

“A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made. Choose your prison mate wisely”. Assuming you got this one right, you need a bit more to plan a great wedding: How about the bridesmaids? The venue? The master of ceremony? The guests? Qualities of the bridesmaids: inspired, passionate, motivated, grateful and open minded Whoever said planning your wedding is the best time in your life … Continue reading 4 tips to guarantee a great wedding


7 years of reflection, 2 beautiful kids, living together in 5 countries and finally… He proposed ! (who said Swiss were very slow people?) You might have thought we had been married already, because I always introduce Mr Attila Sr as my husband. I tried “partner” but too many people thought I was gay. And honestly, calling him my “boyfriend” at 44 sounded too tacky. … Continue reading HELP! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!