In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day

Le “Flore” is my favorite café in Paris. It used to be my refuge from the rest of the world when I was studying political sciences a street away, some years ago. It is still my little oasis when I visit the French capital. I have to stop there, even just an hour, or else my French trip would not be complete. Like all my favorite places … Continue reading In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day

The path to a serene journey

Cebu can be very loud, crowded and hot. But it can also be green, calm and incredibly inspiring. Up in the Balamban Mountains, all you breath is fresh air, silence and serenity. West 35 is an eco mountain resort to visit to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Mountains and the seaside of Tsuneishi; and warm up your cold fingers with a green tea… Continue reading The path to a serene journey

About time to embark on New adventures!

The first Weekly Photo Challenge of the year is to illustrate “New”… We have been in the Philippines for almost a year now, time to already think about our next posting. The hubbie’s contract finishes next year, but finding a family mission in the humanitarian sector takes times… As we are getting older wiser, there are more factors to take into consideration than the job … Continue reading About time to embark on New adventures!

Gone but Not Forgotten

Weekly photo challenge: Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten Long gone, the privilege of sleeping late all those lazy Sundays.. Crawling under a big blanket and reading a fascinating book, while sipping my perfect Genmaicha… Falling asleep again, waking up only to plunge deeper into the story. Long gone those mornings, but not (yet )forgotten, as I now have a sleeping disorder: it’s called … Continue reading Gone but Not Forgotten

“Mind the gap, please mind the gap”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge :Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together. Only Indian can tell the real meaning of Crowded. But whatever the apparent messy and chaotic looks of the places, you’ll get used to read between the lines and get a sense of direction. Forget your compass, your google map and your agenda. Live by the moment and remember that what … Continue reading “Mind the gap, please mind the gap”