The power of a Compliment

I like to conclude my yoga classes on an inspiring reading or a quote. Yesterday, I chose Thich Naht Hanh words on Empathy. Not the best idea of the week. The reading did not really do the trick with my SAHM students. A friend of mine, usually pretty shy, asked “how about compassion for ourselves? So exhausting to constantly practice empathy. We embody empathy, for … Continue reading The power of a Compliment

Reblog Wed: On valuing our children in the classroom too

Originally posted on Motherhood Made Me Do It:
My son came home today with a giant piece of paper with his name written in the middle, surrounded by several incredibly kind words and phrases that his friends had used to describe him. He was beaming with pride when he showed me. It was, by far, his proudest moment in school to date. To be recognized… Continue reading Reblog Wed: On valuing our children in the classroom too

The most important reminder

In Yoga, we usually close the class with our hands in prier touching our heart and saying “may we feel love and compassion first towards ourselves and then towards all the other beings“. Selfish? No, simple common sense. One can not pour from an empty cup! So let’s celebrate ourselves, and repeat this mantra. Just because it is true. Even if one line is missing … Continue reading The most important reminder

Inspiring Monday: The kid got it right (again)

Among the precious teachings of my Zen Masters Resident is the everlasting “Why not?” Those two words used to irritate me so much (especially at the end of a long day); Until I realised how meaningful they actually are; Only dead fish go with the flow, why should we always go the most traveled roads? So I have started asking myself “why not?” much more often. My Attilas … Continue reading Inspiring Monday: The kid got it right (again)