Our toddlers 3 favorite places in Cebu


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  1. Ms Attila’s favorite spot: relax at the SPA

My girl is absolutely totally girlish, and I love that. I adore our dates,

Off to our SPA date!

because I don’t feel like I have to (always) force myself into toddlers’ activities. We recently discovered the Leisure SPA and Wellness of Cebu and felt in love with their “mini me” formula (from 5 y.o).

We had a foot massage that put the Little Princess into her most relaxing moods, a mani-pedi and last but definitely not least, a blow out. She was so proud of her straight hair that she slept with 2 pillows (and refused to shower) to make sure her hair would remain straight at least till the next day.

The staff is super welcoming and caring. It was our first time there and I can not recommend enough the foot massages. We felt so snug in their cushy armchairs that I knew that with a proper massage, Ms Attila would fall sleep pretty fast. It took her 5 mn. Bliss for her, bliss for me who could really relax for 30 minutes.

My mani was a disaster (maybe the OPI nail polish was too old?) but Ms Attila is still showing off with hers. We seem to have found a good way to stop her from biting her nails. The blow out was really a treat in this little cosy salon. We’ll definitely come back to test more …

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Mini haircut: 150P – Mini blow dry: 120 – mini mani : 80 – Mini pedi : 120.


2. Mr Attila’s treat: jump and run in the wild (karaoke and cars free!)

No way Mr Attila would join at the SPA. He needs to run and shout and the loudest the best. Last week end,we discovered this lovely place up in the mountains of Busay, in Malubog. What a bliss! no karaoke, no car, not a single noise and eventually a place in Cebu where your lungs can do a decent inhale without coughing. You would need a car to reach it, jeepneys (un)fortunately don’t go that far up. But so worth it for a pique nique and a day off the crowd. Open your eyes and breath in:

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3. Family treat: our fav resto in town

Cebu has its share of fancy restaurants. Most of them don’t last, most of them are not really kids friendly or the ones that are usually serve too much junk food for our tastes. So when we find one that is kids friendly and serves great food, we stick to it. Oddly enough, our favorite one in town is French ..

Tymad Bistro is open every day but Monday, and we adore everything that is on their menu, especially the salmon smoked by the Chef himself, the gorgeous salads and their onion soup comes straight from heaven. A meal that starts with fresh French baguette and salted butter can only be good. And it you are into delicious and totally decadent desserts, don’t look further. Their macarons are all made with natural ingredients, no preserve, no artificial flavour, no calorie (calories never count on week end). They even serve authentic espresso. What else?

Sorry, my shutter speed was not fast enough to capture the beauty of this chocolate treasure toped with strawberry coulis ..

Where will your kids take you this week end? Have a great one!







23 thoughts on “Our toddlers 3 favorite places in Cebu

  1. Wow, you found really great places in Cebu! Especially, I like description of SPA, take me with you next time! I’d love foo massage! Yeah, boys need energy and drive, so it’s a good choice! I do not have kids yet, so probably cannot recommend you anything, but as I feel myself also a kid I’d love to go skating this weekend, who wants to join?
    Have a happy weekend, dear Estelea!

    1. Skating like iceskating ? Last time I did was … heu.. prehistoric times !
      SPA here are pretty good, and this week we ll try the 60 mn foot massage.. Ms Attila is behaving super well, now that she knows what she can get at the end of the week 😉
      Have a splendid week!

  2. I adore this post! Such joy and energy in your words and pics! And the French food sounds divine, and a good espresso too! Much love from chilly NYC ! Have a great weekend:)

    1. I can’t even remember the last time I used the word “chilly”. Maybe I was referring to a drink ? 😉 THanks a lot dear, we really had fun! She is super motivated to do even better at school now that we found our little “rewarding retreat” .. Happy Sunday !

  3. You got me at “French baguette and salted butter”! Haha – I am a bread lover and so are my kids. But where would my kids take me? #1 would go to a Thai restaurant, #2 would do a day-long urban walk with me (with stops for coffee and wine and cheese!), and #3 would get me out in nature somewhere. Wish I really could see them this weekend! 😦

    1. Sounds like a very very decent program ! Too bad I am a bit far, I would have rehearsed the whole itinerary with you! When will you have your next get together?

      1. Of course … Well, at least you have to triple the Thai treats and the coffees – trying to be positive here 😛 Now that I have kids on my own, I really understand my Mum’s dream of having us all living in the same town ..While for decades I used to think she was so selfish to even entertain the thought ..

  4. For some reason, I love this post! 😛 I love the spa and I miss the cheap spa treatments you can get in Cebu!!! I can relate to Little Ms Atilla’s fear of ruining freshly made blown out straight hair (wish you had pictures of her straight hair!) and I find it amusing too for her to be this young and so “kikay”… you know what kikay means do you? 😉 also….im always on the look out for new restos in my hometown. Thanks for the recommendation. Although it would probably take me two hours give or take to get there as I live in Minglanilla. Ugh! If you love decadent desserts, I have a foodie friend in Cebu who recommends BOCAS modern patisserie at the North Atrium in Mandaue. Ay, Cebu is getting ready for Sinulog. Memories….That used to be our favorite holiday of the year in high school. Pit Senyor! 🙂

    1. Heheh, I do have a pic of her with the straight hair, I ll post it some day 😉 we actually went to hairdresser who considered her hair needed a little booster and .. cut a bit more than the usual inch. Her face when is discovers her new “short”is priceless… She made me swear to never ever going to his salon anymore 😛
      (Although the address is pretty good to me).

      Kikay means Kawai?

      Will definitely try BOCAS next week, thanks for the tip 😉 The trip to Tymad is really worth it, and there is a new patisserie 2mn away from there, with incredible variety of real breads and pains au chocolat.. and croissants! Now that you guys have SM Seaside, I almost dont miss anything from home 😉

      Sinulog was hot and great! first time we did it, a few hours with the Attilas. Incredible! Today s post is for you ❤ !

      1. Thank you so much for bringing home to me so far far away! I was looking at live streaming last night for the Sinulog. They bring very fond memories for me. Now, I don’t know what kawai means (is that bisaya?) but you have to research the meaning of “kikay”… you can ask your cebuano friends, then let me know. It has several meanings much like “mabuhay” or “aloha”. And yes, let me know how BOCAS was. Pit Senyor!!!! 🙂 I will go read your new post now.

    1. Oh yes, it was super fun :)Except that she was chatting non stop, making everybody laugh, not sure she got the whole meaning of “relaxing” yet …

    1. Indeed 😉 Raising babies is fun, but toddlers is so much funnier! I love to see how they are building their personalities and how they are expressing their tastes. They are not only my kids, they are also my most precious little friends 😉

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