Dreamy Croissants

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

croissantsIt has been 13 months since I last visited France. Asia has lots of delicious dishes, but there is only so much rice a French can endure. I have been fantasizing about croissants et pains au chocolat for weeks and weeks, and my wildest dreams eventually came true when we visited the Seorae Village in Seoul last week, where half of the French residents of Korea are supposed to be living. Thank you Gontran Cherrier for the perfectly mouth melting, crunchy buttered croissants, just fresh out of the oven. I cherished the ultimate crumbs, even kept the ones scattered on my pashmina for a few more hours (I know how it sounds, try to be deprived of your favorite food for months, you’ll hear me 😛 )


6 thoughts on “Dreamy Croissants

    1. Hehehehe, so you are almost worse than me 😉 talking about French delicacies, your post on Paris’ best macarons is so mouthwatering, just loved it!

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