Where the streets have no age

chandni chowk

New month, new class! I have become so addicted to the BloggingU that it felt too sad to leave all the awesome bloggers just after Blogging201. So here I am again, camera in hand, ready to start the Photography course!

Today’s theme: Street

When was his picture was taken? last week? a year or a few decades ago? or even more?…

This is the fantastic market of Chandni Chowk, in New Delhi. If you like space, neat counters and calm, never ever try it! But if you have the soul of a treasure hunter, if you love to let your senses be your guide, then this ancestral bazaar was made for you.

Don’t be shy to make your way into the crowd, it is so worth it: Chandni Chowk is a treat for all the senses: the flamboyant sari, the wedding decorations, the tea shops, the mouth watering samosas, the natural perfumes… With some practice, you won’t hear the honks of the cycle rickshaw anymore, but only the chats of the stalls. Pay attention: the precious pearls and the silver jewels will tell you stories of dot and weddings; the silk and the satin will make you lose track of time with their Bollywood princesses tales, and if you ever meet a healer down the alley…


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