“The story is just right here

It just needs a story teller.” Ka Bino Guerrero, Heritage interpretor

2014-11-08 22.41.29
Patience Brewster Giclees

Even after 7 months, I am still considering myself as new to Cebu. I am trying to get a bit off the beaten track (as long as it is Attilas proof!) but I was missing the tips and advices of local friends. Big Salamat to Cebu Blogging Community for having accepted me in their very welcoming, dynamic and friendly group. Today, they gave me a unique insight on local stories and talents. The conference went very far beyond my expectations. My journal is now full with places to explore and stories to write!


Ka Bino Guerrero is a Heritage Interpreter. Doesn’t it already do the trick? A history teller! A time traveler!!! Took me a couple of seconds to get hooked to his presentation. If you ever find yourself in need of inspiration, ask him about Cebu history.

When you have been living in the same town for a long time, you tend to get used to it and don’t think it has anything special to offer to tourists. But can it really be possible that a place has nothing to tell?

Always look outside the box!” is what Ka Bino will tell you: “what does the name of the place mean? What is its nickname? What do people do? What do they eat? How about those colors? Those flowers?”

“Food tells a lot about the people: do you know why us Filipinos like Halo halo ( popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits) so much? Because it tells our story: we too are mix mix, Asian, Spanish, Japanese, American, Chinese“..

Pay attention, be open minded, let your senses guide you: “Every rock, every corner has a story to tell” says the historian.

Can’t wait to attend one of Ka Bino’s guided visits of the town.

Exploring Aloguinsan is also on top of my list. After the brilliant presentation of Boiboi Costas, I knew where we would spend Christmas: off to the capital of ecotourism

Boiboi is a writer and an advocate for community-based sustainable tourism and conservation. He is sharing his passion in the most dynamic and inspiring way. Just make sure you have enough ink in your pen, his positive and shiny stories give a hundred prompts a minute: meaning of community empowerment, local wisdom and academic knowledge, historical research and cultural mapping, Cebu unique flora and flora, preservation of heritage, local ceremonies, traditions ..

I want to write on those fishermen who accepted the challenge to study to become guide, and change the life of their family for the best. I also want to know more about those magic potions given to the men before they hit the sea. We will obviously go drifting the river, scuba dive and eat the succulent fish freshly out of the water…


Stay tuned 🙂


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