The French word of the day: trottinette


Sunny Sunday in the French capital: a perfect day for a lazy brunch and for wandering in parks.

Un jour pour faire de la trottinette ! Repeat after me: tro-tee-net!

The little scooter is the must have of the Bobo kids, but lots of hipster Dads have theirs too. I tried it, and I really enjoyed the ride. I had really missed the Parisian proper sidewalks, those quiet parks (Ranelagh was the pick of the day) and the mere sensation of spending a full day without hearing a single car honk …

Vive les vacances!


18 thoughts on “The French word of the day: trottinette

  1. glad you’re enjoying your vacation! I’m sure you don’t miss the honks, the roosters and the early morning karaoke sessions. 🙂 and thanks for the mini french lessons.

  2. I’m totally in love with your son! What a handsome and charming little man!
    Are they feeling too much the weather change? They are having much fun though. And mommy too! That’s important.
    Keep the fun at high levels!
    A tres bientôt!

    1. Oh I hear you, this little man is a charmer 😉 and so sweet!

      We have been incredibly lucky with the weather! Today was 20 degrees, beautiful blue sky, super sunny.. Couldn’t dream of a warmer welcome.

      WHen I asked Ms Attila what she liked about her week end, she said “I love when it is so clean and so quiet”. Must be her Swiss genes talking 😛
      She added “I also love people’s hair” (!). “Because they come in so many colors, it’s really nice, and so many have curly hairs too”.
      Love how she relates to her surroundings, she teaches me how to press on pause and pay attention…

      Will do our best to keep fun to the max 😀 Plein plein de bises

      1. If you want to drop them here until they are adults, I won’t mind to babysit them! ❤️
        Here today we had 12 degrees and I was celebrating but now that I hear it was 20 in Paris, you make me jealous. It’s a real warm welcome. You deserve it too.
        Ms. Atilla is a smart and perceptive kid. I can imagine how rewarding is to have kids like that and to learn so much from them!! You’re blessed.
        I think this DNA mixture of Swiss with French abd being raised in Asia, is proving to be a fantastic formula!
        Keep enjoying there my friend.
        Plein plein de bises

  3. He’s too cute in his sunglasses on his trottinette! It’s sounds like your vacation is going amazingly! Bon vacance!!!

    1. Merci beaucoup 🙂 Seeing Paris like a tourist is a beautiful experience. I had missed home more than I knew… And the kids already got the Parisian accent, so funny . So see you either here or in Cebu, right? 😉

      1. Too cute about your kids’ already having a Parisian accent ! I’m so happy you’re enjoying your trip …
        And for me, either Paris or Cebu sounds great!!!

      2. Really funny to see how they can catch up easily with the accents and the attitudes.. But they have those moments where you can really tell they are not real Parisians. Like the first time my daughter saw a woman with long blond hair, she was so amazed. She asked me if she was Raspunzel 😛 Still need to fine tune…

  4. i tried riding on a scooter too. and yeah, it was actually fun. i didn’t expect to enjoy it. but i just did it around the house so i felt pretty safe. i don’t know if i’d still have that look of enjoyment on my face once i try riding it outside on the footpath. lol.

    1. Indeed 🙂 Loved riding it too actually, funny to see all those grown ups on scooters here, trendy and very practical, no pb for parking 😉

      1. Super cool! I guess you could use it in South India, at least in Pondicherry. Forget about Delhi for sure 😛

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