From SAHM to CEO: How I filled the 3-year gap in my resume (without any alternative fact)!

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Now that I am diving into the job search again, I need an answer to THE question every recruiter will ask me: What about the last 3 years in the Philippines?

How will I ever impress a potential hiring manager? I need to come up with Something!

“Something” with numbers.

“Something” with action verbs and a track record of successes.

“Something” measurable and highly tangible.

There is nothing less sexy than the truth: I haven’t cashed a salary for years, no network, no business card and my only title is Muuuuuummyyyyy!

But where there ‘s a will, there’s a (3-step) way .

  1. List your main responsibilities

Forbes must be right “No current position is a competitive disadvantage”.

But no way I would write SAHM (Stay at Home Mum) on my resume. With 2 adorable yet super active kids, the last thing I want is to actually stay at home, for my sanity and theirs!

I didn’t stay in my comfort zone either. It didn’t take me long to reach those top notch positions:

  • Head of Human resources and Head of continual development unit (partial home schooling, yoga teacher and many other activities to create and promote fun learning and growth opportunities)
  • Head of Finance, Logistics and Procurement (husband working a few hundreds km from us)
  • Head of CSR policy of the Company (ensuring that the Group’s people-related policies and practices fully comply with existing and incoming best practices especially re: environment and economical impact of all activities).
  1. List your main skills and achievements

 I am totally ready to answer any Competency Based Interview about the qualities I (almost) perfected over the last 3 years:

  • Pragmatic, innovative and can do attitude
  • Able to happily embrace new ways of work, challenge the status quo and be constantly positive
  • A passion for customer service excellence

Main achievements:

  • Main contributor to both the operational and strategic direction of the business
  • Manages complex people relations issues
  • Develops stronger and caring partnering approaches for team planning, progression, performance and development that are empathic and respectful.

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  1. Then use a job title that matches your responsibilities

We all know that job tiles are an area highly indexed within LinkedIn’s search algorithm! Chose it wisely, making sure it matches your responsibilities and achievements.

My new line for 2014-present is:

2014-present: Domestic CEO of the Attilas Company.

Fair enough, don’t you think?

Parenting is the best MBA for continuous learning. My children are relentlessly teaching me to inspire leadership through emotional intelligence. I have worked on letting go of micromanaging to keep it interesting, went back to school to become the best Chief Happiness Officer I can. And it is still work in progress .

Talk about transferrable skills! Do you think I forgot any? 🙂


5 thoughts on “From SAHM to CEO: How I filled the 3-year gap in my resume (without any alternative fact)!

    1. Plus note the fact that we can work 24/7, talk about dedication and flexibility, don’t you think? 😉 HAve a lovely week dear!

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 Ready to roll up my sleeves and dive into Linkedin right away! Have a beautiful day and again, thanks for stopping by X

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