You know it is THAT hot

When the layers are adding and adding ..

You’ll easily distinguish the tourist, usually half naked, while locals as usual know better when it comes to protect their skins from the sun – we are in Asia: white is the only beautiful skin colour!

Add gloves, long socks, helmet (or should I say plastic bucket) and the must have anti pollution mask.


I can’t help but wonder how people would see someone so dressed up in France? Integral kind of burka? Traveling changes our perspective .. In Vietnam they call those drivers “Ninjas” and most of them usually add another layer on the ear or to their fingers tips: the phone of course !

Traffic is really insane here. But if you spend sometimes on the side of the road safely observing the traffic, you’ll find some order in the chaos. I felt the same while in India. It’s a local symphony actually. I ve been told that most of the accidents are caused by foreigners, locals know how to manoeuver.

I won’t drive out of our neighborhood, that’s for sure. Still wondering if I should get an ebike or rely on taxis though ..

In response to WPC on Layered.


9 thoughts on “You know it is THAT hot

    1. THe thing is that sometimes the distances are so short .. but tell you what, I am very encline to follow your advice!!!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I know sometimes it feels like it’s not worth jumping into a taxi for short distances. We are always up for cycling everywhere and we did a lot during our time in Vietnam but I think we would have been mad to in Hanoi.
        Enjoy the rest of your time there, we already miss it.

      2. Thanks 🙂 Sending you lots of Hanoian sunshine (can’t believe we are blessed with this weather in October). And yes, the more I am exploring my neighbourhood, the more I realise you do indeed have a point with the cycling here 🙂 Thanks again !

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  2. Perfect take on this prompt! And I love your description of the chaotic traffic as a symphony; I felt that very way in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia as cars streamed left and right as if someone were conducting them. In fact, some intersections even had a man on a podium-like thing, and he DID look like a conductor!

    1. It’s very special isn’t it? That ‘s why I am still wondering if my driving wouldnt turn it all into a cacophony …

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