Seoul: let your toddlers be your guides!


Patches of gold, chestnut, red everywhere .. 25 degrees and a spotless blue sky. No humidity in the air.. Close your eyes, spread your arms to the perfect October breeze. You re not in heaven yet, only in Seoul 🙂

We had done the relaxing Girly part of the trip. Now, time to pull out the sleeves, wear the running shoes, and get the Cardio part with the boys!

1. Seoul Tower

Awesome place to let the Attila run wild! Autumn colors at their best, a treat for the senses. Between the “love padlocks”, the free performances and the walks, there is enough to keep them busy for the day!

2. Pictures! Pictures! (on Insa-Dong street but definitely not limited to this area!)

Seoul has tons of those fun photo café/studio, where you can dress up, make up and take hundreds of pictures of your beautiful self. Although it is more a youngster than a toddler’s attraction, they could not resist to the call of the wimps and funky hats.

For 700 W (+/- 8 US dollars), you can dress up in traditional costumes, try as many hats and accessories as you like and get your picture on a stickers with 4 different backgrounds; Popcorns included!

Cant wait for the Attila to be a little more quiet so we can take pictures in a place like this one:

You rent your (stunning!) costume for +/- 20 US dollars, select a traditional wing, all the accessories you want and just take the pose! the studio is like a little apartment, all rooms are totally Instagramable. How perfect is this? I love the idea! But the hubby was too hard to convince and I would have needed a huge bag of lollypops to persuade the kids to sit down for five minutes.

If like me you are the only one into dressing up, Seoul has tons of photo studio offering family/group professional shots for less less than 7 US dollars. No funky dress, no wimp, just your natural self.

3. Sweets! (everywhere, picts from HongDae Street)

Follow my Attila and they will always spot the most colorful and sweetest desserts in a blink of an eye. I was positively impressed to see that there were lots of sorbets, and the amount of calories was indicated most of the time.

I slightly influenced the next moves, but it was so deliciously worth it:

4. Cafés

The big bellies and big smiles Family were looking for a nice café so the parents could get their shot of caffeine while the Attila could eventually relax.

Leandre was really into the Cats Café, so we head to Jung-gu, Myeongdong 2-ga, 53-11 5th floor. Honestly? The beautiful,lazy and spoiled cats did not even bother opening an eye. In addition, the place really stinks cats pee and it is overpriced. Kids were so disappointed that we head to Nature Café, supposed to be a Sheep Café. Not worth it either. Two sheep, could hardly approach them. After this one, we decided to skip the dogs café!

So we agreed on a “real” café, with humans only. Quiet places, an impressive variety of coffees, real barista. Just go for a walk in Sangsu Dong Street, Hongdae Street or Sinchon, just to name a few…

5. Getting inspiration for bedtime stories

Wandering in Itaewon Antique street and inventing stories along the ways.. The story of the magic horse, the chandelier that witnessed the first rendez vous of Cinderella..

We followed the kids in the narrow streets of Yongsan-gu and again, thanked them for being our precious guides. We all loved the warm welcome of Kwanki and the exquisite diner we had at Persian Queen. . Sher, the chef did wonders in the kitchen, and made our diner the best we’ve had in a very long time. The little restaurant not only serves Persian foods, but also sells carpets, antique, jewellery. All Maelle needed to turn into a Persian Princess and have sweet dreams 🙂


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