Tigers are (my) girl’s best friends


Ms Attila proudly introduces her best friend, Tiger. So far, diamonds mean nothing to her. Her Tiger is so much more precious! (Carpe Diem 😛 )

My Princess, I want you to know for sure that if you want the moon, let alone a diamond, you are smart and capable enough to get it by yourself (yes, Tiger can give you a leg up!)

Believe in yourself Ms Attila and in a world made of faith and trust and pixie dust. And keep on picking up your friends wisely! 

Your (already freaking out) Mum 


28 thoughts on “Tigers are (my) girl’s best friends

  1. What an inspirational advice!! She is one lucky girl 🙂
    And I like the pixie dust in the picture. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I super like your logo.

  2. ‘Ms Attila’ has a lovely little face. The tiger looks at ‘Ms Attlia’ with so much joy. And once again, Mom declares her unconditional love to her beautiful child.

    1. Oh you noticed the looks of the tiger!!! I thought I would be the only one! He so looks like a fun and protective friend on this one. They look like a real couple of buddies 😉 kids give the full meaning to Unconditional Love, don’t they?

      1. Estelea, you have a sharp mind! And you write so well in English! I guess French is your mother tongue, right? You are right in regard to kids and Unconditional Love – when you will have a grandchild, you will feel the same. Take care! 🙂

      2. Thanks so much 😉 yep, Frenchie I am, lucky you, you “just” have to deal with my lame English grammar and syntax, not with ze accent on top of zat 😉 Take good
        Care 😉

  3. It’s not easy to raise little girls into a strong women. Probably the same thing with boys into sensitive men. But our culture- especially advertising- still doesn’t make it easy on females…

  4. The worse propaganda ever are the fairy tales. I totally remasterized them. Sleeping all day while waiting for a spoiled bra to marry you and stuck you at home with a bunch of kids is not an option. Getting married and having lots of kids is not the exclusive key to happiness in her century, eventually ! As believing that bad looking people are all witches and the good looking ones can only be Princes.. All those stories are such pathetic clichés. But I must admit that some hold universal truth. Cinderella and the puss in boots are the best examples that a pair of shoes can change your life for the best. Nowadays, Cinderella would be much more direct. She would just have to ask for a night off and a dress, et c’est parti!

    1. Absolutely 🙂 We’d rather collect memories than things,makes our suitcases lighter and our hearts fuller 😉 btw, she asked about S the other day,really hope we can meet up this year ! Marcel will make the tiramisu! X

  5. This post is so beautiful and touching. Ms. Atilla will read this in a few years and feel very proud and blessed to have a mother like you.

    You are so right about the way (we) girls are sub-liminarly induced to believe and adopt pink, and princess’ ideals, fears and low self-esteem, as that being the place and role women might play in society.

    Parents who are aware of this and act upon it – like you – always defeat the outside influence. Rest assured your girl will pay for her own diamonds, and will have no fear to either go to a safari with tigers, or to face eye-to-eye, the more dangerous tigers out there in our wilder societies.


    1. You are so right. We spend hours on old Disney movie, to battle the lame clichés. Cinderella drives me crazy, the is the worth. The girl is not only a passive slave (discussion: respect everybody but moreover respect yourself), but she will go out and let the Prince kiss her after 10mn at the bal. A man she never met before, but he has to be the best because he is rich and good looking. This part drives me nuts. So I am trying to make her understand that she is the one in charge. Who is this man? is he fun? does he share his toys? does he have brothers and sisters? is he nice with the people around him (for this I can only contextualize and ask her if he is nice with his nanny and his classmates), do your parents like him? do you really want to break my heart (did I just write that?), …
      It is fascinating to show her other ways and see how she understands. Never too early 😉 I am just surprised that she had not told me already “Mum, I got it.If you don’t want me to turn into Cinderella, invite all my friends more often, get me a new dress and a shiny pair of stilletos!”

  6. What great advice to your daughter 🙂 Her photo made me smile… Kids are so cute how they love stuffed animals!
    Hmmm diamonds or tigers? If I had to choose……

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