The French word of the day: Café


The best place to read, to wait, to date, to relax, to meet up, to write … Le Café! where you’ll obviously order … un café!

You know you are in a real French café when the waiter won’t bother talking to you ( aside from taking your order) and let you enjoy your precious elixir tranquillement!

You know you are in a real French café when a café means an espresso. If you want more, ask for a Café allongé or an Americano (so we know exactly where you are standing… ).If you really want more than a little cup, I am afraid Starbucks is your only option. Sorry.

You know you are in a real French café when no one is talking to you, and it feels so good. Enjoying some solitude in the multitude, sipping on a strong café.. what else?



18 thoughts on “The French word of the day: Café

    1. So agree with you. I really don’t like those places where people ask you for your name and feel the need to connect with you – in the most superficial and mercantile way. I love the French café because they leave you in peace. You can really read a book, really write something, no one would bother you, would be rude to do so. If you care for some company, go at the bar. But if you don’t, you’ll be lulled by the other conversations or just the waiters ordering more cafés. Solitude in the multitude. Feels so good. Your coffee is on me this morning!;)

  1. i would love to sit in one of YOUR cafes! there are certain times when you just want to be left alone.

  2. It sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing about the French cafe.

    I am inviting you to the “Love in Ten Sentences” poetry challenge. I thought you might enjoy it!

  3. Good morning my friend! Bonjour! How lovely it would be to just sit now in one of those cafes!! That’s one activity I enjoy the most in Paris.
    I confess that I get irritated with the unfriendliness of some waiters, although I’m used to the same here in Holland. You can sit forever and they just keep talking to each other ignoring your calls.
    But it’s weekend and let’s enjoy some relaxation!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I guess if I don”t notice it as much as you do, it is because I tend to re-become Parisian as soon as I am in Paris… so used to call the waiters 🙂 if they tend to be too long, I am out.

      I tend to see it the other way round: why would the waiter come to me if I hadn’t asked him to? tells quite a lot about the culture differences. I remember the times I was working in an American resto, I felt so bad having to “bother” the customers “constantly” by asking them if they needed anything else. Let alone introducing myself by my name. In France, the waiter has to be as discreet as possible (filling up your glasses in the most discreet ways), would find it so weird if one ever introduced himself … After a few months though, I loved it, made lots of friends and felt very sorry for the tourists having to deal with our waiters 😉
      Belle soirée! Et plein de bisous!

  4. I wish I could have my Saturday morning coffee there in this cafe!!! Thanks for these posts on Paris which really feel as if I’m there!

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