“The ship is always safe at shore

said the little boy, contemplating the Ocean.

But it’s not what it’s built for. Some day, we’ll sail away!”



22 thoughts on ““The ship is always safe at shore

      1. Sure that, and I am glad that you shared this wonderful thought..!! 🙂
        You too have a great day..!!
        See you around 🙂

  1. Wow! This boat looks so mysterious! It’s perfect for early bird morning shot! I wonder what adventures have been had with this boat!

      1. Oh your idea is adorable!! Yes they could travel far on this ship!! Sounds like an interesting part 3 to my story!

    1. Indeed! it was 530 in the morning, so quiet, so serene… One of those early walks that are worth all the meditations of the universe. The only “noises” were the flickering waters…

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