And then there was light !

Where to get your toddler to eat with so much Gusto?


At school of course!

At least in Cambridge (Cebu!)

This month, the kids learnt about the sea. So their teachers took us on a field visit to a restaurant where the chef would tell us about seafood…

Lucky us (and especially me!). I was already thrilled enough to spend the whole morning with Mr Attila, but icing on the cake, the restaurant we visited happened to be .. Spanish!! De verdad!!! Not one of those fancy and loud tapas bar. Que no! A real one, with those thick wood tables, simple and imposing. The pictures of Spanish bullfighters are not here just to decorate. They belong to the place. For the first time since in years, I felt back home (or pretty close, in the Basque Country!). Welcome to Ipar’s Restaurant

iparschrimpsMore great moments were to come: when the Chef Ipar patiently introduced the kids to shrimps, squids, fishes and mussels and explained how to cook them. I could not believe a 2-year old like Mr Attila would be so fascinated by those stories! (My hopes are so high that he’ll become a talented chef, we really miss at least a decent one in the family).

Then the Chef disappeared into his beloved kitchen.

And a while later… tatatatata, there was light:


La Paella! A real one, the one only my grand mother and my Mum could make ! That’s what a generous chef means when he says “kids will taste some sea food”. The spices, the texture, the fragrances, this unique taste.. What a beautiful trip down Memory Lane! Coming back from the trip to see the happy face of my son made the moment totally special and unique.

I know where I’ll take Mr Attila Senor for our next date… Olé!

 Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas 

157 F. Ramos Street, Cebu

 +63 32 410·7727, 255·4727
+63 917 626·6662


19 thoughts on “And then there was light !

    1. Que des fruits de mer! Juste sublime.. Mr Attila s’est servi deux fois, inutile de preciser qu’il a bien dormi après.. Tu vas adorer, c’est sur la liste de la visite guidée de la prochaine fois…

  1. What an incredible opportunity for the kids and for you to witness! Your post was so vivid that I could almost taste the paella!
    And I bet your son will be a super chef!
    And I’m you’d like me to teach him how to make my eggplant parmigiana, I’d be honored: )))
    Lovely post my dear!!

    1. OH YES!!!! Be careful what you wish for, if you don’ t make it to Cebu, Cebu could make it all the way to NYC – at some stage 😉 !

      1. Oh that would be great to make some yummy, cheesy parmigiana with you all in NYC!!!!

      2. Great! I must admit that today was a bit chilly.. About 65 degrees Fahrenheit…but the kitchen will be warm while we cook!

  2. Oh, I liked this post very much, it’s so delicious. I adore seafood, but cannot have it very often due to high expense and not a big choice, so Estelea, you pleased me so much with these pictures. Yammi! I always like reading your posts, you are such a talented writer!

    1. Oh thanks so much, first comment I am reading today, you already made my week:) Too bad you’re so far, would have taken you there with us next time (safer than to Fedex you the paella!)
      Have a lovely day X

  3. I know this guy. He is the brother of my high school classmate. Haven’t been to their restaurant yet though. Was everything good?

    1. Waou, small Cebuano world…We went back to taste his fish with olives crust and tortilla notably. Definitely delicious. Not the cheapest place in town, but worth it. We need to go back for the paella, it is for 4 to 6 pp and the hubby and I did not feel THAT starving 😉 Even his 100P/glass of housewine was pretty good actually.
      If you go there for the paella,make sure you preorder, it takes him 1h to cook it…
      Have a yummy week my dear!

  4. Yup that lot where the resto is located used to be their residence (a big white mansion-like house). I’m not sure if they still live there. But anyway, if you like Spanish food, check out Aranos. It is located somewhere in Guadalupe, inside a subdivision. You will never know that it is a restaurant because there are no huge signs and you go through a regular door like you were entering a house. I hope the food is still as good though. 🙂

    And we will def try to go to Ipar’s. I am a big paella fan!

    1. Aranos it will be then! we’ll definitely try it soon, thanks for the tip 😉 Will keep you posted …

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