Photo101: Even the coast is running short of water


Ask everyone in Bantayan about the current heat, and you’ll get the same answer :” it’s never been like that before M’am. Rainy season normally starts in May. It’s so hot!”

At least we can take a dip in the ocean in the first wee hours of the morning and at sunset. Even tourists would not dare getting in when the temperature screams 40°C! You feel dizzy, have a hard time staying focus, your paradise island has turned into a little inferno. Fans are at full speed, your most precious items are the generator and the water tank (as long as it is full!). Water equals liquid gold.

Little technical question about today’s theme: Which picture is more “readable” to you? the first one with a bit more depth or the second one, more horizontal? Click on the circle to see the whole picture. Thanks a lot!


35 thoughts on “Photo101: Even the coast is running short of water

    1. Keep it up! If nothing gets better this week end, I ll sacrifice my pride and sing in karaoke. Should do the trick, expect massive rainfalls!

  1. Well, both pitures are gorgeous but I’m more attracted to the one with more depth.
    Best of luck surviving the weather! That’s just unbelievable to meme, how how it how hot it is there!

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 I came here with lots of good intentions: yoga every morning, walks by the beach, biking, treasure hunts with the kids.. I end up going for 30″walk at 5 and collapsing under the fan for most of the day 😛 At least we are by the sea for now, so we are not suffering as much as the guys in the city!
      Thanks for helping me with the choice of pict. I would choose this one too.

  2. OK, I’ll stop complaining about the cold! And I can’t decide about the photos – aren’t I helpful? Initially, I thought the 2nd one, but I might be going back toward the first!

    1. Hehehe, I am doing exactly the same, the other way round. I am so craving for cold that I am currently looking for a job in Canada! Hope the rains will come before I regret it … Sending you a good 10 additional degrees (celsius) and lots of sunshine!

  3. So crazy that across the world you are experiencing drought like us. Today we had (gasp!) humidity from some wayward monsoon that came up from Mexico to Northern California. At least we are prepared for dry heat with air conditioning, but the lack of water and fire season coming soon is a bad thing. You’re going to hate me, but the second photo is best if cropped from the bottom. They are both beautiful either way.

    1. How could I possibly ever hate you dear ?;) I just can’t make up my mind between both, that’s why I am so curious to have your guys opinions. I took the photo and I am so familiar with the place that I don’t think I can have a “neutral” eye anymore. I want to show it all, which is probably not the best idea. SOmetimes less is more 🙂
      Cheers to the rain, finally! The fire season sounds terrible, I guess you are all well prepared.. All the very very very best dear, and thanks so much for sharing your view!

  4. I like the second one. It is hot in Southern Manitoba Canada, well hot for us it was 28 here today and I am okay with that. Some really hot days will kill of the lovely huge mosquitoes we now have due to all the rain over the last couple weeks. Take care and I am sure the northern parts of Canada can send you some cold. Wouldn’t it be nice if we good trade in weather instead of money??

    1. That’s the best idea I ever heard! 🙂 imagine if we could have those bottles of cold, like bottles of perfume. You would just need a few drops to feel you’re on the top of a Swiss mountain… I totally love this idea!!!
      Mosquitoes, brrr terrible! at this time of year, we have massive flies and the big blue jelly fishes are back.. I take it positively: flies love sugar, so means that it is time to eat really healthy. And so many jellyfishes are simply warning us that the burning beach is theirs.
      TIme for reading and meditating 😉 for a change (and hopefully for a short one!)..

      Thanks for your feedback on the picts. Seems that the second one is the most appreciated so far.. Did you also think that the first sand bar was taking too much of our attention?

  5. I was trying to pretend to be a pro and was about to advice you on the importance of cropping the pictures. But then I saw the two pictures hiding behind the circles. In the one with more depth(on the right) for me the sand in the front is a distracting element. So I would prefer to crop to get the picture on the left. So I like the cropped version more. Anyway it is my personal opinion. You prefer the one with depth?

  6. thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 the cropped one: I think that “technically”, as you once taught us, it is less distracting.
    But as I know the place so well, and really like it, I felt like “amputating” the scenery. That’s why I have a hard time making up my mind… THanks again for the comment, really appreciate!

    1. Oh yes! It’s so incredibly peaceful, simply beautiful. It makes you grateful for every single thing 🙂

  7. Beautiful blues! I prefer the first picture (without the sand in the foreground). I think it’s because I am a little distracted by the sand and I want to get right into the water 🙂 Also, a very small personal preference but I generally prefer the horizon line not in the centre. Have a great day, hope you can cool down!

    1. Thanks Emma. The more I compare the pic, the more I tend to agree with you. The first sand bar is too distracting. We finally had a few drops of rain last night, getting there.. getting there 🙂
      Have a beautiful day!

  8. Hot, hot, hot! Stay cool my friend!! I love both your photos.. The second one with the piece of sand in front shows more depth and perspective but they’re both super!

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I understand both preferences now, so great to hear people’s views on the pic, I am learning a lot. Have a sweet day X

  9. The photo with the sand in the foreground is my favorite. It’s lovely with the added interest. I also like how in the other photo the reflection of the clouds in the water is more obvious.

    1. Then I’ll keep both 🙂 thanks so much for your offering your perspective, I really appreciate! X

    1. Thanks !! for the comment and the tip 🙂 So hot that I am like a Korean, running away from the sun.I don’t wear long sleeves and those incredible umbrella hats though. Yet 😛

  10. I always seem to prefer depth to horizontal, in my own pictures. Maybe as you say it’s more readable, and the detail can be pulled in.Your photo makeS me feel hot just looking at it.

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