WordPress buddies, where have all you gone ??!


It was a packed house with the most cheerful people: professional writers warmly becoming us newbies, photographers in all shapes and sizes, chefs, artists, intellectuals, you name it. They were all there and I would not have missed a chance to meet with them. I was addicted to the Weekly Photo Challenges, the Daily Prompts, the courses, all those super quality events hosted by WordPress. Thanks to them, I became more confident in my writing and always eager to explore the blogs of other participants.

Then I left the blogosphere for a few months.

And when I returned, arusty sign declared that the house was no longer hosting parties.

The City Hall has closed, check if there are some private initiatives around. Sure there must be. But I don’t have so much time to spend looking for them.

So if you feel like giving me a hand? Which are your favorite bloggers parties? 🙂


7 thoughts on “WordPress buddies, where have all you gone ??!

  1. Salut Estalea! I’ve missed having you around! I agree that many bloggers have disappeared, maybe it’s the summer? Let’s hope they return safely 😊 I miss the Daily Post’s challenges and evetually I created one of my own (back in January) with Amanda from Something to Ponder About. It’ on Fridays, please do join the party 😊 Here’s a link to the current theme https://thesnowmeltssomewhere.wordpress.com/2019/08/23/friendly-friday-photo-challenge-tourism/

    1. Yes ! I’ll be there ! I ve been missing the whole community feeling, from back then when WordPress was hosting all those challenges .. happy to see that you took over ❤ see you there too ! Thanks for inviting 😉

  2. I’m one of the disappearing bloggers, but you have not left my mind! I may even have a new post soon (gasp). I found that when the WPC ended, I lost a small kick in the pants each week, and then I just got busy with life! Miss you, though, and would love to see more from you here also.

    1. Exactly the same for me. I feel less excited to write, or actually I don’t make the time now that the WPC are not motivating me. You are my Nature Inspiration, please please post! Kids are growing up so fast that we soon should be ready to follow (a bit) of your paths 🙂 Big Hug !!!

  3. Nice to see you again in blogging world. I never participated in any of those challenges but I have more blogs that appear in my inbox than I have time to read. I always do eventually get around to my favourites though. And if anyone comments on our blog, then I do my best to return the favour…

    Anyhow welcome back, always cool to read about your animated children especially 🙂 and do know we are now based in Hoi An should you ever come here for a break from Hanoi, it would be very fun to meet up.


    1. My dear Peta, be careful what you wish for ! Hoi An is on the 2020 évidemment !!!
      Plus I heard that there’s a very nice yoga studio there .. see you soon and if you feel that your lungs are too clean, visit us in Hanoi !

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