The Yoga theme of the week

This week is all about lenghtening and opening. Lenghtening our back, the muscles around the hips, so we can open our shoulders and our heart!

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.30.15

I love to teach and practice those classes because they are the opposite of what we see on Instagram. We don’t look for perfection in the pose, we aim at feeling freedom. We don’t want to go into the most glorious deep pose but to open the full movement of the breath and energy in the front of the body. No compression in the lower back but this blissful sense of freedom.

We’ll stretch, twist, extend, open and relax breathing freedom and trust. Is there any better way to start the week? especially knowing that we’ll prop it all with blocks, many bolsters, maybe a chair. All wrapped with the magic powers of bergamot essential oil. Yummy 🙂

See you on the mat!


Hatha: Tuesday in Tay Ho & Wednesday in Long Bien

Restorative: Thursday in Tay Ho

Kids Yoga : Saturday in Tay Ho

Namaste 🙏



3 thoughts on “The Yoga theme of the week

    1. Wish you were there too ! After getting ride of all the toxins we could go for a glass of French wine by the lakes 🙂 just decided to explore New Zealand in Feb, have you been hiking there too by any chance ? Big hug!

      1. You know when I make it to wherever you are, that we will be drinking a glass of French wine by the lake … or the field … or the kitchen! Yes, we have hiked in NZ – long ago – with our kids! Brilliant place in every sense of the word! You will love it.

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