Discover prompts, Day 21: instrument

So I guess I am not the only one begging her kid to “listen to your teacher ! It’s work, not circus!”
Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 08.50.31

We are scoring a good 5 out of 9. Just because we don’ t have a pet… How about you?



8 thoughts on “Discover prompts, Day 21: instrument

  1. Love it contemplating sending it to our grandson

    Best Regards Richard


  2. Ha – this is great! Glad I am not teaching these days; even though my students were much older, I think it would have been rough. Stay well!

    1. I feel sorry for the loneliness of the teacher sometimes. But they are becoming so used to it that they don’t seem to notice the nose picking anymore. Unless they wisely chose to pick up their battles …

    1. Same here ! But I must admit I really enjoy their little stories and all the spelling mistakes 🙂 it’s like being in recess with them

    1. Poor teacher 😀 At least they have the magic button to leave the chat, they can’t do that in the real classroom.

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