“Mabuhay” in my Jeepney !

in the rearview

It’s all in the eyes. For a smile to be genuine, the eyes too must smile .. Every time we ride his jeepney, this driver welcomes us with a warm smile. His English is as (terribly) poor as my Cebuano, but his eyes and smile speak every language.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge on Eye Spy 


14 thoughts on ““Mabuhay” in my Jeepney !

    1. THanks so much 🙂 I could have felt in love with him (somehow), he is so very kind and his eyes say it all. You should have seem them the day I surprised him with a print of this pict. I wonder when was the last time he had a pic of himself, he was so proud ! And so was I ! 😉

  1. Filipinos are super nice & warm hearted, I felt so much love during my two-year-long stay in Manila. One of the many reasons I long to go back someday…

    1. I hear you ! We feel totally welcome here, and it is so super easy with the kids.We never met such kind and kind loving people, might sound a bit of a cliché but it is very true! Did you have the chance to do some islands hopping ?

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