Valentines: So far, so good!


Mum, don’t plan anything for me this afternoon, I have a date with David. Remember, it’s Valentine“.

My mouth fell open and I felt my heart sink. A D.A.T.E! at 5 years old. How does my little girl even knows the meaning of date? Winnie Pooh has never dated anyone, as far as I know. And Princesses don’t date, they marry directly.
At least she added “no worries Mum, our yayas can come. We’ll just talk for a while“. So there is still hope she won’t fall for a classmate just because he is the cutest guy in town. OK, for the date, but I added her brother as an additional chaperon. And we watched Shreck again, so she remembers that beauty is not everything. We talked about Christopher in Frozen..
I can’t believe I am already briefing her on Dates! Bah, I guess it is never too early ?

My son couldn’t care less about this girly stuff. As long as there is a scooter to ride, some trees to climb, enough yoghourt and cereals, and his (coolest) Mum around, he is fine. Men are so basic, I adore that (at this age).

I know that our role as parents is to give our kids “roots and wings”. Honestly, I am so much better on the roots parts. Parenting is a work in progress, the more I feel I know where I am standing, the less I actually really know. My kids are my beloved Zen master residents, they force me to press on pause, to think. To listen. To be grateful and to believe that tomorrow is always a chance to make it better. They change me, I grow up with them, they take me by the hand and they make me trust their instincts, and mine. Sometimes it is harder than others, but what a beautiful ride!

Happy Valentines to you all ❤






32 thoughts on “Valentines: So far, so good!

  1. Your post is a precious jewel, as always, dear Estelea! The Stars are looking GREAT – one more proof that you do a great job as a parent as well! Hope your Mum had an uneventful trip. Take care, my wonderful friend! Happy Valentine’s! 🙂 XX

    1. Thanks for your very kind words 😉 Hope my son will still hold this board proudly when he’ll know how to read 😉
      Happy Valentine’s to you all and big extra kisses to the Ambassador !

      1. Thanks so much, Estelea, in Auden and in my family’s names! Certainly your children will continue to hold the boards with so much pride! 🙂

  2. Love the picture How is it that date conversation starts so early already! Sheeesh! Yep. Roots and wings – and parenting is always a work in progress. Happy love day, dear! Missing all of you. Xoxo.

    1. We miss you big too! Attila Sr is out of town for the next 2 weeks and I was thinking of how cool it would be if we could fly to you guys for a few days .. I really need to start playing the lottery! But will you be in Europe in April or not yet?XXX

  3. What a sweet post. The first post I have read this morning about Valentines and I can’t help but to admire how you view things. I could see that Motherhood have indeed changed you,made you even more vulnerable to appreciate yourself.You have wonderful kids! 🙂 How are they managing in Ph? Happy Love day!

    1. “made you even more vulnerable to appreciate yourself” Spot on! This is so really true, you said it perfectly…
      Before I had kids on my own, I thought it would be super easy, I really couldn’t understand why my Mum was freaking out for “nothing”.. Now I get it 😛 Although I am trying not to show it too much..

      The kids love it here, the Philippines are super children friendly. People are so very patients with children, definitely not as back in France. Their ego is constantly boosted, especially because they have the long eyelashes and curly hair Filipinos pay a fortune to have 😉 When we visited France last year, my daughter was worried why people were not asking for selfies with her, like in the Philippines ..
      It is a bit too much some times, all the attention, but again, if they don’t have a big ego at 5 and 3, then when? 😉

      Thanks so much for your kind comments and a Very Happy ❤ Day to you too!

      1. Oh it’s great they have adapted so well in they know the language yet? It always make me happy whenever I knew foreigners liking my home country, its heartwarming. I am excited to bring my daughter in Ph this year to visit her Grand Ma for the first time before we go back to Europe. I’m sure you’re one happy proud Maman whenever people flocked to see your kids! It’s really the warm hospitality of Filipinos. Totally different here in Kuwait .
        I’m looking forward to know you more, and follow your adventures.
        I am very passionate about global parenting, maybe because I still consider myself a new mom, my daughter just turned 18 months and I still freak out many times. Examples like you give me so much inspiration. I was talking with the wife of my Husband’s boss about how she make her son eats almost everything because I was curious about the book “Why French kids eat everything ?”and the conversation really was an eye-opener.
        Consider me now as one of your avid follower. Thank you so much for taking the time to send some love over here!

  4. so nicely written, once again.
    Roots and wings, three words that explain so very much the difficulty of parenting. And the older the kids get, the larger the wings will get and carry them away. Good thing is, I am sure, if the wings are large and strong enough, they will also carry all the roots with them and use them whenever needed.
    Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Or the largest the wings will get, the more room I ll have to sit down on them and move along to their new nest 😉 I already asked my son if I could stay with him sometimes when he ll be older and leave with his wife and kids (brrrr.. I d rather be exploring the world with my husband by then though!!). He simply replied “ok, but you don’t stay in my room ok?”…

      Cheers to large and powerful wings .. with very strong roots too!

      Is Europe cold now or already on a Spring mood? can’t wait to start our EU Tour next month..
      Happy Valentine’s Day from rainy and “cold” Cebu and thanks again for your kind words 🙂

      1. right now: snow falling. So I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon – pulling a sledge… 😉
        I guess this is not what you meant with “cold in Cebu” 😉

      2. sledge is not even in the dictionary here! actually yes it is, only related to Santa 🙂 Cold here means 25C. So I know what we’ll be doing : cookies and hot tea! It means adaptation 😉

    1. Thanks 😋 ! A friend of mine has teenagers and she recently told me that she bought a dog so someone is happy to see her when she comes back home. So so glad I don’t need a dog
      (Yet? ) 😄
      Btw, I thought of you today as I read a short paragraph I would have loved to write! I ll post it soon 😉

  5. Adorable, you kids are just adorable! Yes, young ladies are always ladies! So funny! Happy Valentine to you too, dear Estelea!

    1. At least my young lady decided not to attend her date. I am so glad I can still make her change her mind with an ice cream 😉

    1. Dear, I have been wondering about you and I don’t think it s a coincidence if you are appearing here on Hearts Day. Because you are the nicest and sweetest one of all 🙂
      Not to pressure you in any way, but I ve been missing your beautiful posts … ❤

      1. Dear Estelea, it’s no coincidence at all because I wanted to read your blog after having seen your cute kids’ photos on Instagram.
        You’re so kind and also an ego booster, do you know that?
        Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’ve been a bit busy with some projects and finding time only to read rather than write posts. As soon as I can, you’ll see me around again. Thanks for the trust and support. Huge hug.

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 I gotta be careful with what I am writing on his behalf now that he knows his a,b,c .. So far, so good though! Happy Valentine’s to you ❤

  6. Where is your princess’ picture with his valentines date? 😉 I am surprised her dad didn’t object. hehe.

    1. Hehehe, the big ice cream made her forget she had a date 😉 Her Dad is already looking at her with tears in his eyes, wondering since when she is not a toddler anymore. Those men..

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