7 years of reflection, 2 beautiful kids, living together in 5 countries and finally… He proposed ! (who said Swiss were very slow people?)


You might have thought we had been married already, because I always introduce Mr Attila Sr as my husband. I tried “partner” but too many people thought I was gay. And honestly, calling him my “boyfriend” at 44 sounded too tacky. In the conservative countries where we’ve been working, it really made our life easier to cheat on the label a little bit.

I guess Mr Attila could have popped the question to ease our visa processes or to please our parents or our daughter. I am happy it did not influence him. Would have been pretty lame to tell our kids “nah, we just got married for the papers”, don’t you think? So why now? Just because we love each other !

Back to The Moment

The place: in a theatre, watching “the little Prince” (my favorite book).

The characters: After 15 mn of movie, the screen freezes. And the Little Prince turns into Mr Attila Sr! and the Rose turns into .. ME!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.00.56
(c) çizgili masallar

The plot: The Little Prince recalls our story, since the very moment we met.. Dubai, India, Bali, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the birth of Ms Attila in France, the one of Mr Attila in Bangkok, us in the Philippines .. Try to picture that: a movie about you! All the characters are the people the closest to your heart!

The twist: Then the music changes to our favorite song, and all over the screen, hundreds of mug pictures of Mr Attila holding a “Will you marry me?”

Do I need to tell you about my reaction when I suddenly see him a knee on the ground with the most beautiful ring ever (and the bottle of Dom Perignon!)?  Ladies and gentlemen, you can start calling me Madame! I am officially engaged (yes, I did say yes 😉

Now what?

So far so great! Our families are thrilled, my friends are so looking forward to the party and I after spending endless hours on Pinterest looking for a “minimalist wedding dress” and “wedding shoes”, I came to realise we actually need a few more things, such as a venue, catering, photographer, DJ, a theme I guess,.. We want a small wedding (no more than 60 people) so we decided to invite only people we both know and we have really spent time with over the last 2 years.

How super convenient! the perfect combo between my tastes and my 5 y.o. daughter

I had never figured how challenging it would be to organise it all not only online (we’ll marry in France) but also with a budget as minimalist as my dress … And I know time will fly till late June 2017. Any tip, recommendation and best souvenir from your wedding (or a great one your attended) would be truly appreciated 😉

Will keep you posted on the progresses … Wish me luck !


90 thoughts on “HELP! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!

    1. Thanks So So much 😉 i love esp the second Line 😎your challenge : come all the way from India on a bike of course ! See you in France next year

      1. Hehehehe, you ll may just need to add a motor to the bike (and maybe put the bike in a plane? 😉 )

  1. ❤❤❤❤❤💅 about bloody time, I’d say! Congratulations you both!!! Wonderful, wonderful news. Now that we’ll be “neighbours”, we are expecting an invite to crash your partaayyyyy!!! 😙😙😙

    1. Heartfelt Salamat 🙂 Ms Attila is probably the Most excited, she has her Word on everything while her brother is more like their Dad. ” Just Tell me what to wear and where and when to show up”
      😉 X

      1. Merci merci danke! So far so good, nothing is organised but I have a ring to show off and I feel so much more respectable my dear, you have no idea 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Kat 🙂 I have just started and it seems so much work ! Today I was even considering the most minimalist wedding on one of those beautiful Filipino island, the 4 of us, maid of honour, best man .. Et voila ! That would be pretty nice too 😉 stay tuned … 🎉

      1. That would be so intimate! I love that idea. ☺️ I’m excited for you pease keep us updated 😁

  2. OMGGGGG! I only know you through the blogosphere and Instagram, but I am so excited that when I read this on my phone in a hotel room this morning, I jumped out of bed to tell my husband and show him the photos, and he was baffled about who you even were! Haha. I am very excited for all of you (could Ms. Attila possibly be any more excited?!). Very best wishes for a (continued) lifetime of happiness together!

    1. You are so so so sweet 😀 It’s funny because I feel exactly the same about you, really!

      THanks so much for your lovely wishes! Hope our travels will drive us in the same town some day and we ll celebrate with real Champagne 🙂

  3. OH MY GOD my friend!! Congratulations! Awwww I’m so kilig naman with how he proposed. Ehhh so sweet. Best wishes. It feels like Valentine’s Day again. 😀

    1. Hehehehe 😉 He took his time but man, he really made it unforgettable! Now the pressure is on me, for the organisation of the whole thing .. Wish our families were living closer to the Philippines, would have been so lovely to get a real beach wedding! Can’t have it all, we ll have a karaoke to remind us of your country ! Of course! 🙂

      1. That’s maybe because he knows you deserve it. 😍 oh my beach wedding!! Aww, that’d be so cool. And yes! You can never go wrong having karaoke at any party, that’ll surely add so much enjoyment and fun. Waaah …. I’m getting so so so excited for you. 💕💕💕

    1. Thanks a lot Amanda! How weird to organise my marriage in my home town all the way from .. the Philippines! #expatlife 😉

  4. Dear Estelea, you really know how to sweep me off my feet, I’m speechless for a moment. I have to admit that I thought you were married and it’s the biggest surprise ever, I guess feelings should jump from your heart and soul, it’s FANTASTIC, OWHERWELMING and so modern, you are definitely a woman who can always impress. I’m so happy for you and your “future” husband!😊 I look forward to seeing your wedding photos, I bet you will be a beautiful bride. You know it’s so right to wait for your perfect moment no matter of anything, the most important you already have -kids and caring husband, what else is necessary, right?

    1. THanks so much my dear for this wonderful message 😀 As you very rightly say, I do have what really matters with my family, but I am pretty excited to add a nice dress and high heels 😉 We are super excited with the whole thing, for once to have all our families and friends in the same place!
      Have a beautiful WE 🙂 X

    1. Exciting it is 😀 Thanks dear Britta, will definitely keep you posted, hope posting will help in structuring my ideas a little bit 😛 X

  5. Oh how fabulous! Congratulations! I adore this post. I can feel how excited you are and I’m so so happy for all of you. You will have a wonderful wedding! xx

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Will put a touch of beautiful pink in the wedding so you ll know we are sharing the great vibes with you too 😉 X

  6. Oh yay! Super Congratulations to you, coming all the way from India! What a brilliant news! Do let me know if you want any quirky Indian wedding fusion in your wedding.. 🙂 (I’ve recently gained a lot of knowledge in that department!)

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Funny you are mentioning the Indian wedding thing, because … there will be an Indian touch in our wedding! Even though we met in Dubai, we spent quite lots of time in India where I was posted back then. Any suggestion really super welcome, you must be an expert by now 🙂

    1. Salamat 😀 I must admit I am still so impressed at the way he did it, I think I am going to say Yes even in front of the mayor 😉

  7. Congratulations! How very beautiful and so super romantic! And I like the picture of the dress. Make sure it comes with all the bubbles as well 😉

  8. Congratulations! I wish you many happy, healthy, and prosperous years together!
    As for wedding advice… Keep it simple, enjoy and savor 🙂 ❤

    1. THis is exactly what I needed to read, thanks so much! Yes, I will do my uttermost best to keep it as simple as possible so it doesn’t loose it savor 🙂 Thanks thanks for the warm wishes my dear ❤

      1. You are very welcome! I think every bride needs to be reminded that keeping things simple is an option. I hosted my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding at my home. My daughter-in-law was adamant about keeping it simple so stress wouldn’t overcome her joy. Yes, keep the savor and keep it yours, not what’s simply trending! 🙂 ❤

      2. all well noted, thanks again and I ll do my best to behave like your daughter in law ;)X

    1. Thanks a lot Terri! Believe it or not, still 14 months before the D Date and I am already getting insomniac 😛 I think I should dedicate only 2 days a week to the marriage, or else I ll look like a zombie next year at this time …

  9. Congratulations, Stephanie! How beautiful. I can imagine how thrilled your kids are. And you surely are.
    I loved the post, and the way you wrote it. Creative, fun, sweet and witty like you!
    You’ll have time till 2017 to organize it! Good idea to make it small and meaningful.
    Best wishes and hugs.

    1. Thanks so much my dearest 🙂 The more I read about organising a wedding, the more I know it will definitely be small ! look at me and the kids, small is beautiful, anyway 😉 XXX

      1. You know the funny thing is that I find myself arguing with my Dad on the guests .. at 44 years old!!! So I ll save your email, print it on my “wedding notebook” et c’est parti! X

      2. So typical. A father is a father, and he still looks at you as his young daughter, even though you feel like 44 y/o!
        Keep true to yourself and he will accept that, as he may just want you to be happy too.

      3. Did you know that my father is silver tongue trial lawyer ? 😛 I will use your last sentence as my mantra for the upcoming months! I will need it 😉 XXX

      4. Did you know that my Dad is a silver tongue trial lawyer ? 😛 I ll definitely use your second sentence as my mantra for the upcoming months, I ll need it 😉 XXX

      5. You re incredible Lucile, you seem to have this gift of really reading people! This line really touched me, because you are so right and I tend to totally forget it.
        On a melting heart mission !!! ❤

  10. Toutes-mes-Fé-li-ci-ta-tions… (Accent Suisse) 😉
    Super! Ce sera très bien, avec les Attilas en Page et Demoiselle d’honneur.
    Bz à tous.
    (Hw did I miss this post?)

    1. Hehehe, merci beaucoup 🙂 Ms Attila est la plus excitee de tous, tu verrais ses selections de robe de mariee pour moi … C est chou en meme temps qu’elle me considere toujours comme une princesse 😉 Je tente toutefois de lui inculquer quelques notions de mode minimaliste, heureusement qu on a encore une annee .. X

  11. OMG!!! You go girl..Congratulations! so happy to hear (or rather read) this news..I could’nt be more glad that finally you are tying the knot..its a super news and I’m sure you are super thrilled!
    I wish I could see you in your wedding dress..:))
    Wishing you all the happiness & best of luck in everything.
    Is it a beach wedding? or a garden one..?
    Lots of love from Germany!

    1. Thanks so much, so sweet of you 🙂 It should be a garden one … and before we leave the Philippines I guess we would need to do a beach engagement party ?
      I almost chose my dress … Still pondering my options, but at least I think I found something that reflects my personality ….
      XXXXX from Cebu

  12. oh wow! oh woooow! so I missed this awesome news!! WOW!!! Congratulations!!! Love love love how you weaved the lovely proposal! Good luck and keep the fire, or no, the love burning!! ❤

    1. Oh Daghang Salamat dear ! We are finally getting somehow prepared .. It will be in Aug in France but I ll have to bring something from the PH, probably a dress locally made 😉

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